let life itself be your teacher

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

let everything you encounter, good or bad, be your guru. there is deep wisdom to be found within everything you experience, you only need to be receptive to its ongoing lesson.

let life itself be your teacher.

become an eternal student of all that each and every moment presents to you — tune in to the heartbeat of the environment that not only surrounds you, but that’s also within.

learn from the infinite breath of the wind. learn from the whispers of the vibrations that echo inside your ears. learn from your thoughts that disappear as quickly as they arrive, like mist floating over a placid pond. learn from the sensations that rise and fall within all your fields of perception.

become one with your body, mind and environment — the three are inseparable and are the universal unity we all intrinsically share.

within every disappointment there is a new understanding. within every argument there is a new epiphany that awaits. within every fear, anger, upset or worry there is potential for great spiritual growth and discovery to be had.

the wisdom you seek is already within you.

you only need to slow down, quiet your mind, open your awareness, and listen.