Lifting the fog of delusion

words & design by Brian Thompson.

When I am indifferent to the false appearances of the external world, then the external world of false appearances becomes indifferent to me.

When I am able to see through the fog of delusion, I can walk straight through so I can abide blissfully in the aware presence of, I AM.

I am unaffected by the illusions that appear within the dream of life. I am immune to their egoic pull. I am unattached to their false promises, seeing only attachment, impermanency, suffering and pain.

When I am at peace within my undisturbed presence of Self, I am in harmony with my awareness of all that IS; I am no longer polarized by the duality of the relative or the subjective; I am no longer swayed by the images within the dream.

Only when I am liberated FROM the world, can I be completely free IN the world.

I AM is all that I need, because that is all I AM.

In Sanskrit, this very essence of Self-Realization is described as, Satchitananda, which is translated to mean: Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.