'Me' is an entirely imagined mental image

words & design by Brian Thompson.

All that you consider yourself to be is merely a projection of mind, within mind. 'Me' is an entirely imagined mental image, one that has no existence beyond the very thought that thinks it.

Once you stop thinking of yourself, who are you? In the quietude of this precise moment, ponder this: Who am I?

This self who you consider yourself to be is held together only by your continued attention to a collection of thoughts, pieced together from many broken fragments of memories and learned beliefs—all of which are assumed to be accurate, present, and very real.

You self-identity your apparent existence with these images that spontaneously appear within mind, not noticing how they shape-shift and dissolve from one moment to the next, never retaining any true continuity. You unknowingly pick and choose which ones to attach your emotions onto, and then subsequently define your entire aware and awake presence by them.

“This is me. This is who I am,” or, so you believe.

Can you see how this 'me' is entirely imagined? Can you see how this ‘I' is no more than a story you tell yourself and convince yourself into believing, each and every day?

But 'you' cannot be a thought—how could that possibly be?

You cannot be a memory. You cannot be a belief. You cannot be a fear, nor a desire. You cannot be a skill, a talent, a knowledge, nor even an intellect.

You already know this, but subconsciously choose to ignore it. As you silence your thoughts and quietly observe your own presence of aware consciousness you will realize that you cannot be a body, nor a mind—the true you is witness to both.

This realization is self-evident. It requires no belief whatsoever, as it can only be known through one’s own intimate experience of inner observation.

This wisdom of clear knowing reveals that You are the unborn presence in which all appearances appear.

There was no so-called birth to this presence of knowing. It simply awoke. It appeared, just as your sense of 'I am' seems to do each morning.

Your true Self is this empty presence of awareness which all perceptions arise within—including every thought, sensation and experience which is presently known. These perceptions are not outside of your Self however, for you are their very source. They are of the same awareness in which you perceive them by.

There is nothing that is not this Self. All that you see, hear, taste, touch, smell and think is your Self.

You are not bound by the fleshy confines of the body, for that is merely a misperception—a profound mis-identification of that which you already intimately know. Your Self is not contained within these flesh and bones, for they are contained within you—which contains all apparent things.

There is nothing outside of this presence of awareness in which you wakefully perceive.

All that you ever experience is awareness itself. Nothing is outside of it. All things appear within You, the ever-present presence of Knowing.

Thus, there is no personal self, there is no ‘me’. There is only this unified Universal Consciousness that is awakened within all apparent things; and you are That.

As The Beatles so beautifully sang, “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”

Your true Self is this very present-moment presence of I Am—without anything subjective or conceptual added onto it. Your true nature is empty of opinion—it is the void in which all appearance and manifestations appear within but cannot touch—it is imbued only with an unbridled joy of its own free and unlimited aware essence.

In other words, YOU are Pure Consciousness—unbridled Bliss—absolute Existence.

It is only your attachment to mind that conceals this unspoken truth.

To believe that you are anything other than All That Is, is to limit your Self, and to be bound by the illusory division the ego implies and infers upon your infinite awareness. Your human personhood does not contain you, it appears to You… just as a tree, a building, a bird, and all seeming ‘others’.

We are all the same Self, with different points of view… seeing each other, knowing each other... infinitely aware of whatever dream we choose to dream.

And so it can be said, I Am That.