No longer accept imagination for reality

words & design by Brian Thompson.

What is the closest held opinion you have of yourself?

Now, no matter what it is… cast it away. No longer take it for granted that this opinion you have of yourself is who you actually are. Such thoughts do not define you, they only limit you—even if those thoughts you have of yourself are kind.

No longer accept imagination for reality.

If your most clung-to opinion of yourself is negative, then realize that it’s overly self-critical and is solely based on past events that are no longer real. “You" are not the fear that created such a biased notion of yourself. Understand that this opinion is only a feeling, and if left alone, it will disappear just as every other feeling does when it’s no longer concentrated upon.

So crumple up this useless opinion you have of yourself, and toss it into the absolving flames of truth. Burn it with your disbelief!

If your most clung-to opinion you have of yourself is positive, then realize that it too is merely a idea that you have identified yourself with from past actions, and might quite possibly be born out of pride, arrogance, or conceit.

The only opinion you should have about yourself is one of loving-kindness, compassion, radical self-acceptance, and love.

This is who you truly are. This is the bliss of your being, underneath all of those layers of delusional memory and imagination.

Once you stop thinking about your “self” so much, and you’re no longer asserting your sense of identity onto everything you perceive and experience, then your relationship with the present moment becomes pure; it’s no longer clouded by your delusions of the self.

When you no longer think about your “self” so much, you also stop comparing everyone to yourself. You see people as they truly are, rather than as a sullied reflection of the character you've created for yourself inside your own mind.

The less you think about your “self”, the better.

What we think about ourselves always tends to trip us up. Doing so takes us out of the present moment, lurching us back into a dreamworld of subjective thought. We then become immersed within the world of mind, rather than the world of the real.

The more we think about our self, the more we’re actually worrying about how others might perceive us. Our “self” is actually a packaged persona we present to the world. It’s all an act. It’s all a costume of false identity.

The more we think about our self, the more we believe that we are “supposed” to be a certain way, or that we “should” have attained or achieved certain things which society, culture, or family has conditioned us into believing

These are all unreal notions which have no bearing on the reality of your already beautiful and perfect being.

You are beyond any such conceivable concept of limiting subjective thought.

The “self” that you have created—the “me” that yourself identify with—exists only within freeze-framed moments from previous times. But that is only a one-sided snapshot of “your person”, that may existed once before, but it certainly no longer remains.

YOU, are here and now. The past is not you, nor are any of your experiences or memories. Such things exist only within the conceptual creations of time and space—they are not real.

The real, is that which is here and now. The real, is that aware essence that animates your person; it is the seeing that sees, but it is not the seer. It is the hearing that hears, but it is not the hearer. It is the knowing of the known, but it is not the knower and it is not any knowledge you assume to have gained.

There is only the awareness of present-moment-experiential-knowing—this is YOU, this is ME, this is all things... within every breath of eternal time.

The real, is not the body, nor is it the contents of the mind. The real, is the conscious aware presence of knowing that allows you to confidently say, I Am.

Disbelieve every opinion you have of yourself, of others, and of the perceived world around you. No longer accept imagination for reality.

Be that which you already are—the infinite awareness that perceives and accepts all things, judgement-free.