not every sign that appears in your life will be clear

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

many signs will appear in your life, but they won’t all be clear.

the signs that lead to your most enlightening rewards won’t even tell you where to go or how to get there. some signs serve only as a reminder that it’s time for a new journey to begin, but it's up to you to decide the direction you'll go.

can you read the signs that are begging you to take notice and pursue a change?

is your boredom trying to tell you something? is your lack of patience a signpost of something silent within, that’s waiting to be heard? is your waning passion an indication of a pending choice that needs to be made? is your uneasiness a red flag for a lifestyle that needs to be redesigned?

look deeper into your stresses, anxieties, fear, worries and discomforts; they are pointers to help you uncover the roots of your pains. go beyond all of their immediate emotional sensations that overwhelm you. the changes you need to make might not be what you first think. look deeper. what is the true source of these feelings? go beyond their causes that seem to be the most obvious, there’s something deeper that’s waiting to be found.

your boredom is not boredom.

look deeper. it’s restlessness, but it goes far beyond just being bored with the moment itself. it’s a general apathy. it’s a frustration. it points to a fundamental dissatisfaction in your life. look deeper yet. where are you unfulfilled, and why have you done nothing to fill its aching hole?

these are the types of signs you find at the crossroads in life. these are the markers that either indicate positive new chapters begun, or harmful old behaviours continued.

the signs that offer the greatest opportunities to grow will also require the most deciphering.

they're vague because they point in many more directions than just one. there’s many choices to be made, each with a vastly different final destination.

look for the insights hiding within your suffering, there’s wisdom to be found there. unravel the clues to your future well-being that your current emotions are pointing to.

when you approach the crossroads that intersect your life, don’t ignore the signs.