Nothing can trouble you but your own imagination

words & design by Brian Thompson.

“Nothing can trouble you but your own imagination.” —Nisargadatta Maharaj

A problem cannot exist without first believing that something is “wrong”.

If you look at your own experience closely, you’ll see that it is your mind that creates your troubles—nothing more.

Experience on its own, void of any interpretation from mind, is perfect and pure.

It is only the subjectivity of your thoughts that separate you from the perfection of what your awareness already perceives—“wrong” is merely a concept, it does not exist outside of mind.

The truth of reality is choiceless—it is what it is—it is all-accepting, perfect in its infinite and eternal wholeness.

All one needs to do is stop believing that things “should” be a certain way, and all struggles will disappear—they will dissolve into the purity of your awareness, unblemished by any criticism, opinion, or conceptual discernment of mind.

Once you no longer tolerate your imagination creating stories around everything it perceives, then the seed from which all of your discontentment grows will be unearthed, and the happiness of your true self will once again be able to shine.