Nothing is Personal

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

Nothing that anyone does is personal; there is only the human mind acting out its egoic conditioning. But, the truth is we are not the mind, nor the body—we are the presence of awareness that perceives both.

If the ego perceives something as being a threat to its imagined self-image (which it projects onto the world), then it will defend its position accordingly. But whatever action or reactions it takes is not personal—it is nothing but a misperception, an egoic delusion.

It is human unconsciousness.

The spiritual path is to awaken from this reactionary state of conditioned consciousness, to realize the truth of our being—unconditioned, impersonal, unified consciousness.

There is only one consciousness which we all share, which shines through us—as us—which is the stillness in which all experience and phenomena appears—including all people, places, and things.

Nothing is personal—there is only consciousness, being. Don't believe you are something you are not. Ignore the mind's "personalized" assumptions, and just Be, impersonally.

Be the undisturbed presence of consciousness you already are. Know yourself, and all will be well.