observing the mind, our self-depricating humour, and the insight it reveals

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

have you ever noticed how the things we poke fun at ourselves for, are the very same things that cause us the most pain?

in other words, our self-depricating humour hints at underlying truths about ourselves that we often deny. sure, we intend the jokes we tell about ourselves to be harmless and lighthearted, but they reveal things much deeper.

for me, i admittedly poke fun at myself for being a procrastinator — but, i’ll talk more about that later.

i also joke at how i’m such a klutz, but in truth i’m probably just impatient, sidetracked, self-consumed, and too rushed for no reason at all, other than being overly stuck in my ways. it’s not like i suffer from a lack of balance or motor control — i just don’t take proper care and attention when i do certain things.

the insight i learn from this inward-pointed awareness is that i need to be more mindful when i do physical things — the more careful and focussed i am, the more sure-footed and accident-free i’ll be.

my point is this, we understand the world better —and our place in it — when we first understand ourselves.

when you spend time in inner reflection and observe the nature of your mind, you begin to see through all of the holes in your opinions and perspectives — things become clear. you struggle less.

consider not only the things you joke about, but all of your styles of thought and speech — your gossip, your grumblings, your comparisons, your idle chit-chat, and your negative self-talk too.

what do you see?

the solutions to your struggles reveal themselves once you put them under the spotlight of your inward attention — when you ignore them they only persist. allow your awareness to be non-judgemental, yet honest.

take the thorns out of your problems, remove their sting with the simple presence of mindfulness.

your inward attention will allow you to awaken to new possibilities, empowering you to leap over many hurdles that formerly tripped you up.

observe your mind and let your newfound wisdom shape wherever you dreams want to take you next.