Observing your intentions

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Observe your intentions — witness your actions, rather than just being the mindless perpetrator of them.

Be consciously aware of what you’re doing, while you’re doing it — in every possible moment you can remember — you’ll be amazed at the realizations you discover about yourself.

Make the inner inquiry into your intentions a constant and ongoing personal practice.

Ask yourself, “Why am I doing what I'm doing right now? What’s my intention?”

No matter what you’re doing — whether you’re in the midst of a conversation, surfing the web, doing your work, tending to chores, making plans, eating a meal, hanging out with friends, or even just daydreaming while going for a walk — zoom out from whatever you’re focussed on, for only a brief micro-moment, and question your intention behind whatever it is you’re presently doing.

This practice will not only help you gain self-control in your life, but it will also reveal some profound inner wisdom about your true nature, a realization which was previously obscured by a distracted mind.

We’re usually completely unaware of why we do whatever we're doing — we just act, often mindlessly and out of habit or impulse. What we don't realize however, is that almost everything that causes us struggle in life is our own doing. So when we become aware of our behaviours — as they are happening — we complete the critical first step in solving our problems.

Only when we become aware of our habitual behaviours that we don’t like or agree with can we being to change them. Being mindful of our intentions is the key.

As you witness your moment-to-moment conduct, you'll soon find yourself acting in a much more kind and respectful manner, to both yourself and to the world around you. You'll become more patient and a better listener. You’ll become less critical of yourself and others. You'll begin to understand how happiness emanates from within, but only when you’re no longer resisting your better judgement and your deeper true self.

When you’re mindful, all of space and time bends to your favour. Time freezes, and you become able to adjust the outcome of the present moment with each and every passing whim.

You realize that you are the center of your universe, and that your reality is shaped by your intentions alone.

When you’re fully engaged with the deeper underpinnings of the present moment, the truth reveals itself.