Only you can know you

image courtesy of Simple Reminders.

Oh man, I love this one:

"Oh, dearest, you can't hurt me—only I can do that." —Byron Katie

It doesn't get much truer than this.... whatever suffering we feel, we inflict upon ourselves.

Everything we experience happens within—all is mind. Everything is a perception, coloured by our beliefs and opinions.

We tend to blame our outer environment for however we feel in any given moment (it's all because of them!), but in truth, it's our inner environment that is responsible for how we perceive and process our experiences.

We conceptually interpret every sense perception that we experience, and it is this subjective and relative interpretation of things that then brings us either our peace, our happiness, our indifference, or our emotional pain.

Words, opinions, and criticisms can't hurt you on their own—they require your belief.

Where there is no belief, there is no harm.

Understand that whatever words a person speaks, they are all only an opinion—nothing is true other than your direct experience.

Only you can know you.

When you truly Know the nature of your being, nothing can shake you—you stand firm in the awareness of your true self, compassionate and understanding of all that happens around you.