Radical acceptance is the grace through which freedom is found

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Whatever you are struggling with—anything that might appear as a problem, a challenge, a crisis, a resistance, a fear, a worry, an anger, or any other emotional pain—exists only within you. It’s presence is sustained only through your belief that something should be different than what it presently is.

Your suffering is entirely self-created, but so is your freedom. You are your only obstacle. Only you can cure your own suffering.

Look within. What are you resisting?

Herein lies your freedom—lean into that which your mind wants to avoid. Focus the full intensity of your attention onto it. Witness its presence, as it seems to exist within you—but do not judge it. Rather, investigate it. Observe the symptoms from which the feeling has arisen. Challenge the thoughts you currently have about it. Endeavour to fully understand it.

This insight is the gateway to all of your future personal wisdom.

Understand your relationship to this feeling, this “problem". Was it not your thoughts that created it? If your thoughts created the hell you find now yourself in, then the absolution of those very thoughts are the path out from it.

“What the mind created, the mind must destroy.”
—Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

It’s true—you struggle with a very specific and unsettling reality, one that’s unique only to you—but it’s one that is purely of your own will and volition. This is good news! In truth, there is nothing outside of you—you are all there is!

The environment in which your problem now thrives was built through certain conceptual notions you created, then believed, then clung to and became obsessed with, which you then became confined to and restricted by, and which you now struggle against.

The tension you feel is real—the cause however, is an illusion. Dissolve the original belief and the suffering will cease. You must re-consider your entire situation, realize that it’s your relationship to the thing you resist that’s the problem—not the thing itself.

Your sense of reality will conform to whatever you perceive of it. It’s all a dream of mind. Stop believing in the dream you’ve created, and the dream's perceived creations will crumble away.

Radical acceptance is the grace through which freedom is found.

Radically accept the existence of what IS. Radically accept your resistance to it. Radically accept that it’s only your thoughts that create the resistance you feel. And finally, radically accept that your thoughts are not real.

When you no longer linger upon a thought or engage it in dialogue and debate—the thought will disappear.

The flame of your suffering will continue to burn only for as long as you continue to bask in its unforgiving light. There is no comfort near this flame, no matter how familiar or bright it may seem, there is only pain. Snuff the wick from which the intensity of its illusion burns.

Your problems exist only within you; forgive yourself for being hypnotized by the convincing dream of self-reflective thought. Then let go, and simply walk away from all that you now know to be certifiably false and untrue.