Reader question: How can I rest in awareness if I am already that?

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

Reader Question:

If consciousness is omnipresent and exists before everything, when did It begin? If consciousness is everything, from where did It come? Why did It begin?


Such questions have no answer since they assume that consciousness is a "thing" that comes from "somewhere". It is not a thing, nor is it locatable. It is not born, nor does it die. It didn't begin, nor will it end. You cannot find consciousness, as it is absolutely everything—there is no "thing" that it is not.

Consciousness is total, absolute emptiness. You cannot find it as it is everywhere, or rather, everywhere is inside of it.

It is all-pervading and omnipresent. It is the infinite space which allows everything to be known.

Consciousness is the aware field of nothingness in which all "somethings" appear to arise and into which all such somethings eventually subside—including all life, all forms, objects, thoughts and emotions—every "thing".

Even the mind itself arises from the emptiness of consciousness, and so too do all of its conceptual, philosophical, and spiritual quandaries.

However, the mind is not real; it is merely an illusion. So, the questions it poses to you, consciousness, are not even worth considering because only you, pure consciousness, are real.

The mind is limited in its capacity by only being able to see things through a distorting lens of apparent duality.

The mind is finite—therefore, it can never entirely comprehend the non-dual infinite from which it arises, which is consciousness.

The questions of "why", "when", and "how" are unanswerable as they don't even actually exist in reality—they too are illusions created by the dreaming mind that is lost within its mistaken beliefs.

Reality has no meaning. "It" has no cause. "It" has no story to tell to tell anyone. "It" has no purpose other than to know itself through its own projections—but, it is no "it", nor is there anything apart from it.

Reality—and therefore, our seemingly separate individual experience of awareness, within awareness, as awareness—can only experience itself through its infinite projections of duality, all of which appear like a momentary and vanishing dream within consciousness—none of which exist as they are perceived.

It is only the perceiving that is true, not the perceptions themselves.

Consciousness can only know itself through itself. As such, you are a presence of pure consciousness knowing itself through itself. It's all that you are, it's all that I am, and it's absolutely everything that we each perceive.

There is nothing that consciousness is not.

Even your questions are an illusion arising within consciousness, as nothing but a creative expression within it. The questions are only further examples of the agency of consciousness to manifest the appearance of duality within the non-dual emptiness of the Absolute.

Therefore, you can only find the answer to all of your questions in your presence that is always here and now.

Your Beingness is the very Reality you wish to understand. Know yourself—your awareness, and not your person—and all questions will come to an end.

Set aside all thought forms that presently occupy the mind.

Leave alone all of your memories, concepts, opinions, beliefs and philosphies—just for a few moments of quiet contemplation.

Sit quietly with yourself.

Allow whatever sensations that are appearing to pass through you without any resistance. Once all reactions and streams of thought from the mind have been ignored and let go, what remains?

Is there anything here other than you?

In the empty, silent space of this unbound and limitless awareness, what remains? You do—but your questions do not.

The concerns of the ego no longer exist, even though it seems as if they do. They are nothing but an illusion appearing within awareness, and when deprived of your attention, they altogether disappear.

In this nothingness, only you exist. But, as what?

"You" exist as nothing but a presence that can only announce itself as, I Am—which is pure consciousness itself—the seed of all creation, from which all things seem to grow.

You alone are the absolute essence of Reality, but nothing "you" think is.