Self-Realization at Sunrise

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

There’s something precious that’s communicated in the stillness and silence of sunrise. There’s an energy of life that you can feel, that flows more freely in the early hours that in any other part of the day. The emptiness is finally able to express itself, no longer having to compete with the busy-ness of human activity that typically fills its silence.

In the quiet of early morning, a special transmission is made between the emptiness we reside within and whoever is awake to receive its profound message. It’s one of compassion, peace, love and understanding; a wisdom that emanates from the universal consciousness that is the very source of our shared awareness itself.

It is this emptiness that gives us our being. Without its still, pristine, beautiful and boundless nature, no thing can be seen, no breath can be had, no sound can be heard, no thing can be sensed.

It is our awareness of this emptiness that allows everything to be perceived. It is the palate of our consciousness in which all things are painted upon. This is where our bliss is found, in this emptiness where infinity is defined and where anything is possible. It is the undivided nature of our own divinity, of our unlimited potential. This is our awareness itself. This is our true Self.

Things can only be perceived when they’re in contrast against something else. We as beings are no different. Our awareness arises out of this universal emptiness. Without the emptiness of pure awareness, no thing can be perceived. It is everything.

Our awareness not only shapes our reality, it is our reality — it is our very being.

Our awakening is not in the logical understanding of this — it’s in the living realization and the ongoing moment-to-moment expression of it. It is in the integration of this realization into our day-to-day lives. It's seeing this true nature of emptiness within everything. It’s being aware of your awareness and realizing how all things are a piece of this one indivisible and boundless whole.

When I see this emptiness within others, I see myself, because all things arise from this same awareness. Realizing this gives me understanding, empathy and compassion for all things, no matter if it’s a man or a mouse, a mushroom or a tree, a river or a rock. We all share this same awareness — it is the source of all things.

The emptiness we share is the very presence that allows us to perceive our awareness.

So as I sit in the stillness of early morning and I feel this emptiness that emanates from the calm, I know I’m communing with infinity itself. I’m feeling the very presence of the universal consciousness we've all risen from.

Are you aware of your own awareness?

It's an experience of non-duality that transforms you into an being of absolute peace and love, undistracted by any illusions of mind we usually dwell within. It’s a stunning realization that all of your concepts, thoughts, opinions, and perceptions — your mental distractions — are not the real you.

Your true Self is an unobscured awareness that emanates from the open spaciousness of total perfection.

You are not your thoughts, your feelings, or your predicaments, they are only mental concepts you’ve attached to yourself and that you assume to be real.

When we awaken to this profound peace of Self-realization, the veil of delusion is lifted and we reveal the bliss of our true nature that’s always been waiting to be expressed.