sometimes the thing you want most is the thing you're least ready to have

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

sometimes the thing you want most is the thing you're least ready to have.

does this ring true for you?

what are you constantly grasping at, whose ideal you’re obsessively attached to, and that’s totally consuming you? your ambition might be blinding you. it can distract you form the work itself. it makes you desperate — it makes you flawed.

desire taints integrity.

you mustn't rush those things that are worth the wait — if you’re not getting what you want, then you’re just not ready for it yet.

"he who tries to shine dims his own light." — Tao Te Ching

don’t view the work you need to do merely as a stepping stone to acquire great fame, wealth or rewards; your work is the very thing itself that should bring you joy. everything else is just an added blessing.

if you’re not getting closer to where you’d like to be, have patience, more work is needed. you need more practice yet, more refinement. your skill or talent isn’t ripe enough yet to pick.

excellence can only come through direct experience alone — there is no shortcut — great things require great effort.

relax a little. all this time you’ve been focussed on the wrong thing. you’ve been thinking only about the getting, not the being. let go of the goal a little — it’s distracting you — loosen your grip.

be what you seek to become, by doing — not by wishing.

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.