step off the treadmill of endless craving

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

want not — for if you do, you’ll never truly receive.

wanting only brings anger and suffering when the wanting isn't satisfied. even if you do receive the object of your desire, it’ll never be enough — it will soon always lead to wanting even more yet.

if you want to find peace, know that it can never be found — you simply need to be at peace, fully and completely, without looking or striving. you must embody it in all your thoughts and actions, right here and now, in every passing moment.

if you want love, then you’ll need to first love yourself, and then allow it to flow through all that you are and all that you do.

if you want success, know that it can never be found unless you're at first comfortable, content and happy with being poor, while doing the work that's closest to your heart, without striving for anything more material than simply being in love with doing the output from your soul.

if you want something you can’t control (which is everything), it will always and eventually lead to unhappiness of some kind. if you don’t get what you want, you cause yourself to suffer. if you do get, it but you lose it or it breaks, you also cause yourself to suffer.

whatever craving you satisfy, its shine will soon wear off until you don’t even notice it anymore, only for it to be replaced by yet another wanting.

the cycle of wanting forever continues — this is the hedonic treadmill we find ourselves stuck on — we have to keep wanting more just to stay in the same mental place.

if i desperately want the weather to be perfect for my holiday, then i invest my total happiness and emotional state of mind into something beyond my influence. when the clouds happen to roll in, i'll curse and stomp and raise my fists to the air while crying, “why does this crap always happen to me!”

when you want, you create expectations — which innumerably lead to upset feelings, anger and dismay.

when you want something, it soon turns to craving — wanting's ugly, obsessive cousin, whose only focus is to attain at any cost.

craving obscures mindful thought, and it clears the way for unskillful deeds.

when you want, you saddle yourself with a mindset of lack, where you think you’re always missing something, and that you need to attain something more in order to be happy.

however, this sense of lack is an infection to your spirit and your soul.

lack is nothing more than a misguided thought you’ve given too much credit towards, and that you unfortunately believe to be true. the only lack you actually suffer from, is in realizing that you lack nothing at all — you already have all that you need.

you have the exact same tools as everyone who has come before you — it’s just you and your mind — so it’s all up to you and whatever you choose to do with it — anything else is just a scapegoat or an excuse.

sure, you can play the part of a victim. you can complain and say you don’t have enough, that you need more stuff to be happy, or that you need more to succeed, but we already know that mindset doesn't work; there’s countless miserable millionaires to prove these words correct.

i don’t want to be happy, i already am happy when i open the curtains and watch the sunrise with mindful eyes.

i don’t want to be wealthy, i know i already am by being healthy in the mind and wise. i know i’ll never be poor as long as i have love, compassion, wonder and wisdom as my currency.

step off the treadmill of endless craving.

stop wanting, and simply be.