Suffering will linger until we have learned all that it has to teach

article & poster design by Brian Thompson.

There is wisdom to be found within everything you think, feel, perceive, act, say and do.

We are surrounded by lessons—we only need to slow down and be open to the countless teachings that abound all around us. We must no longer distract ourselves from that which can help us the most—ourselves. Give yourself some quietude. Sit and be still with yourself.

Look into your true nature, so that you can better understand the root cause of the symptoms from which you suffer.

What does your awareness reveal about not only yourself, but also of others and the rest of the world?

Observe, listen, feel, be non-judgemental, and accept everything you find.

Your suffering will continue to linger until you have learned all that it has to reveal.

Your answers await within.

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” —Pema Chodron