New Zen Thinking T-Shirts, Tank Tops & Tote Bags for Sale

So I've been working on an exciting new project for many months now, and it's been a real struggle to keep it under wraps.

But guess what? I'm finally able to announce it.

I have new Zen Thinking T-Shirts, Tank Tops & Tote Bags for Sale!

Each design is a digital reproduction of a custom piece of original hand-drawn artwork, commissioned exclusively by Zen Thinking from the amazing, Mandy Verge - Freelance ARtist.

I currently have three different designs for you to choose from: I Feel Infinite, Be As You Are, and Find Your Zen. Each style is available in a variety of different colours for you to choose from.

I've had tons of people asking for t-shirts and tank tops over the past couple of years, so I'm thrilled to finally be able to share these exclusive designs with you.

All shirts have the fit, feel and durability of a vintage T-shirt, made from the super-soft, tri-blend construction by American Apparel.

All products are available now.

I hope you like them as much as I do! ❤️
Brian Thompson