Consciousness alone Is

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

Consciousness alone is.

All else is an appearance arising within it. Including all thoughts of there being a separate entity called “I", or you, or even the rest of the entire "outside" world.

All is consciousness. All is within. Not within “me”, but within consciousness itself, in which this avatar I call “myself" is nothing but an apparent appearance.

Everything appearing within consciousness is nothing but a dream, which is every possible thing experienced, sensed, perceived, believed, or known.

There is nothing that could exist "outside" of this all-pervading consciousness that is all that you know.

There is only consciousness, which is the totality of this “awakeness” you and I both feel, which we can only express as "I Am".

I Am, and I know that I Am—this I am certain. “I" exist. Not “me" the person, not me the so-called personality, but this aware presence that I seem to be.

My I Am-ness alone is real, nothing else is. Everything else is nothing but an unreal thought-object appearing within it.

This consciousness that I Am is all-pervading. It is omnipresent and omniscient. It is Absolute Reality. It is all I ever know since this “I” that I am is consciousness itself.

I Am That. I Am.

There is no personal me, as that is nothing but an illusion arising within the totality of the purity which is this unadorned presence of I Am.

When I think of myself as separate, I seem to be. But, when I know myself as impersonal, selfless Beingness, I realize that my I Am-ness is universal, interdependent, and co-arising with the totality of the whole.

There is no person to protect or defend. There is no separate individual called me who needs this or that to feel one way or another. There is nothing to avoid or resist. There is nothing to desire, as there is no sense of lack. For what could consciousness need? All such nonsense is nothing but an egoic illusion which only appears real when its apparent existence is believed in by the desperately seeking mind.

Drop all pretence. Drop all assumptions. Disbelieve every previously accepted belief. See through the fallacy of your conditioning. You are not what you have been taught ever since you were a child.

A lie believed seems real. Whereas, a lie seen through, with absolute clarity, is realized as being entirely nonexistent, right from the start.

Once you realize the mirage of your separate human-hood to be the illusion it truly is, its false image can no longer deceive you.

Consciousness is the only power, so to speak. There are no other forces at play. There is nothing else, as even the universe as we know it exists as nothing but an apparent appearance of phenomena within it. Therefore, there are no separate good or evil powers. There is no "thing" right, and there is no "thing" wrong. How could the only thing that “is” be a mistake? Consciousness is the absolute totality! Everything arising within it is just a part of its cosmic play.

Nothing is at it appears. Nothing is as it seems.

When one knows this through a direct experience of awakened realization, you will just leave the world alone. It will no longer serve you, as you are aware that the world (and others) don’t exist as they're perceived. You no longer feel the pull of the world's temptations, or its drama, or its seemingly divisive nature, or of its apparent human comedy and tragedy.

All duality is imagined.

Any sense of separation or individuality is nothing but a thought arising with the total emptiness of consciousness, in which all is but an illusory movement of mind.

There is only unicity, despite all apparent multiplicity and diversity. There is only One—and that is Consciousness—otherwise known as your Self. There is only this one Self, which is this sense of I Am arising within the untold billions of all apparent sentient beings. There is only One who is truly Being, and that One, is Consciousness.

The world has given many names to this non-dual Nothingness that is the Absolute, but the "word" is never the reality. So drop all such words, as they only serve to distract from That which is here and now. Empty yourself of conditioned beliefs. Just Be.

There is nothing to do. There is nothing to be or become. Just Be—completely empty—empty of belief. When you allow yourself to be empty, the fullness and beauty of the Absolute Reality will permeate you with the bliss of true Knowing.

Consciousness alone is.

There is nothing but That—and this I Am-ness that I know I am, is That.

I Am That!