Unplug and Give Yourself a Digital Cleanse

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

After two weeks of being almost entirely unplugged from life online, I’m getting back into my normal groove again. My time off was fantastic, but I’m not gonna lie… I definitely started to feel a little squirrelly not writing and creating new stuff to share everyday.

I did have a few epiphanies while I was away, as travelling often leads to, and which I’m sure will surface soon in my upcoming work.

A digital cleanse is needed every now and then — it re-centers us, it helps us realize everything that truly matters to us. It reminds us that there’s a life to live, beyond the edges of our screens.

We risk letting our lives pass us by when all we do is watch the highlight reel of other people’s lives play out in front of us.

We risk becoming obsessive voyeurs, constantly glued to our devices, constantly comparing ourselves to everyone else, always looking for the next one minute digital fix.

As always, being mindful of how we spend our time and where we focus our thoughts is the only thing that truly matters in our happiness and wellbeing. As long as we’re mindful, we’re in control. It begins and ends with us.

I’m happy to be back, sharing words that hopefully matter and thoughts that might make a difference.

Unplug — give yourself the gift of a refreshing digital cleanse.