what matters more: the outcome or the intent?

ICeland photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

when you make art, paint a picture, turn wood, shape clay, or write a song, should you be overly consumed with what you hope to eventually make, or should you just make, for the pure sake of it?

create with your full heart! create without abandon. create without any hesitation to the final outcome at all. pour your full intent into the act of the art itself! let its creation be authentic, genuine and true.

don’t be more concerned with the possible outcomes, than with the intentions themselves.

now, treat your life as you would your art.

when your sink is full and your dishes are dirty, don’t hastily race through the motions just to get the job done. place your full intention into the chore. let your mind wander not. give yourself over to the task fully and completely. don’t hastily hurry so the time can quickly pass by and the job can end soon — remain present, be ever-grateful for the breath inside you that feeds your awareness of the water, of the soap, of the bubbles, of the light beaming and bouncing through the window, and of all the sounds that break the silence.

if you look for bliss in every moment, you’ll find it.

do not be more concerned with an outcome, than with its intent.

do not mindlessly speed through traffic, just to get home. if you’re overly consumed with your destination, then once you get there you’ll never understand how you arrived.

all will be lost.

see where you’re going, with your eyes open wide and your attention fully tuned in. be skillful in your current thoughts, actions and presence.

don’t race through a movie, just so you can see the end. don’t hurry through a conversation, just so you know what’s going to be said. don’t fast forward a song, just so you can say you’ve heard it. don't buy a puppy, just so you can someday see it die.

every second is filled with wisdom; let each one teach you. become a student of life. don’t be more concerned with the hopeful outcome, than with the intent.

be ever mindful of why you are doing things, as you do them, without being attached to how you hope things turn out.

be true to the moment.

whatever your task may be — walking the dog, sitting in class, working with a client, performing on stage, swinging a hammer, caring for someone’s needs, attending a meeting, or even speaking with family and friends — be ever-present and mindfully diligent throughout all of your endeavours.

listen with intent. speak with intent. taste with intent. feel with intent. move with intent. breathe with intent.

don't race through life just to get to the end. savour the journey. be awake and relish each moment for its diversity, fullness, and complexity, and for all that it has to reveal.

each moment is obscure — a rare, one-of-a-kind collector’s item — collect them all.

capture a piece of infinity.

if you live your life with all of your heartfelt intention, you'll squeeze from it every worthwhile, tasty and refreshing drop.

brian thompson