That which knows is that which is known

Words and poster design by Brian Thompson.

That which knows cannot be separate from that which is known.

Experience, therefore, is non-dual. All seemingly separate parts of that which is perceived are One.

Separation exists only as an idea within the mind—it does not exist in Reality. Reality is all-inclusive, empty of concepts.

That which knows is that which is known.

Consciousness precedes all that is known.

Before any thought, belief, or concept, and before any sensation or perception, consciousness is.

Before you conceive any problem, you are aware. Before any concept of “me” arises, consciousness is. Before anything, awareness is.

Nothing can appear without the awareness for it to arise within.

No longer be burdened by that which you conceptually layer on top of your non-dual presence. Revert to your original nature.

Realize that “you” are nothing but an idea—only consciousness is, “you” are not.

Forget all that you’ve learned about yourself, others, the world, and existence itself.

Know yourself as the Knowing Presence that precedes everything. You, alone, are, which includes all things. Nothing is outside you. Everything is a movement within awareness, of which you are its impersonal, invisible, observing presence.

Whatever seems to change within awareness always will, while consciousness itself remains forever changeless. That which appears must always disappear, while That which knows always Is, and you are That.