the meaning to everything in a few short words

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

i decided to try and solve life’s greatest mystery in a few brief words. brace yourself, this might come as a bit of shock to some.

but, there is no inherent meaning to anything, other than what we give it ourselves. “meaning” is just a concept, nothing more. it is a mental form created only by our consciousness.

the universe has no need for such concepts, it just is.

what we call “meaning" is merely a term of mutual understanding we use in an attempt to comprehend the nature of how we interact with the world around us.

all things are empty of meaning. there is no pre-determined definition to all the parts and pieces of existence, or how they fit together.

we place meaning on things in an attempt to understand and give context to the cognitive intent of our interactions between our inner selves and with the environment around us, with space and time, with concepts and theories, and with all the things we encounter — intellectually, emotionally and physically.

we label everything we experience as best we can with a very limited toolset of language, but this thing we call “meaning" is as limited as the knowledge we use to describe it.

what happens when the language we speak doesn’t have a word to effectively describe the depth of our experience? is its meaning then lost? of course not. the feeling is still there, with or without a word to explain it. the meaning remains inside of us, regardless of our lack of words.

“meaning" is just a set of symbols (words or numbers) arranged in a very specific way (in a sentence, a paragraph, a hypothesis, a theory, an equation, or a book), that tries to place something into a little closed box of total understanding and comprehension; but no thing can be bound in such a way. no thing can ever be fully explained — there simply are not enough pages in the universe to describe the totality of a flower, let alone all of existence itself.

everything just, exists. all things are as they are. they need no reason, other than to be.

this isn’t to say that YOU don’t have meaning however, you do, you create it with each and every thing you do that affects those around you (which is everything). nor does it infer that you can't find meaning within everything you experience.

meaning is a product of your consciousness — it is whatever you make it to be.

we’ve been given a blank slate, we get to place whatever meaning we choose onto things. if i choose to be offended by whatever you did, then that “meaning” of your actions is all mine to make. it will mean something different to each of us — there is no absolute meaning to anything. meaning is an opinion, nothing more.

this is an incredibly freeing perspective to behold. it puts you in control of each and every moment. you no longer need to search for meaning, rather you give meaning to everything — you are its creator, so be benevolent with it!

you give meaning to all the things within the field of your awareness, through the quality of your intention, through the depth of your mindful interaction, and through all your acts of compassion, love and kindness, or otherwise.

create positive meaning wherever you go, you are its creator!

the moon has no reason, it just waxes and wanes and carries on. its meaning is in the poems we write, in the paintings we create, in the stories we tell, and in the science we create around it to propel us deeper into the cosmos so we can then create even more meaning for ourselves.

so despite what The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy says, The Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, is not 42 — it is indeed, YOU.

who am i? you are the awareness that makes this entire thing possible.

why am i? you are you so the universe can experience itself. you are all of existence, manifested into this very moment in time to awaken to whatever you’re able to behold. you are an experiment in consciousness by the cosmos themselves.

what does it mean? you give meaning with your very being — you are the very reason itself.

you are not the question, you are the expression.