Eternity dances within each of us

photo courtesy of NASA Hubble Space Telescope.

The spark of the infinite exists within all things—it is the wondrous, the profound, and the immutable nature that is the essence of all that Is.

This eternity dances within each of us.

The fibre of our very being was weaved in the flawless emptiness of the cosmos, stitched together from the stuff of stars. This is who we all are—me, you, them—my cat, your dog—the loon on the lake under the moon, the gorilla in the mist in the jungle—the stars, the sun, and all of the galaxies beyond.

We are all but one—my breath is your breath, and your breath is hers.

From the form to the formless; a return to balance, and then back again. All things rejoin their source of origin, it is the natural way for all things to return.

This is the unspoken unity of the universe, we cannot distance ourselves from that which we are all made.

We are each an intrinsic part of of the cosmos; each a part of the same, none no less divine than the next—none above, nor below any other.

There are no boundaries between you and I. There is no division between this or that. There are no differing states. There is only This, which none of us can deny—of which we are all one.

We mistakenly believe that our consciousness distinguishes us from all other things, that it elevates us to some sort of higher regard, but it is in fact the very source from which all things spring. It is our light of awareness that flows through all things, that gives them their substance, that gives them their being; without which none of This could be realized.

We are each a wave in the ocean of infinite awareness; all a part of the one.

“Just as every drop of the ocean carries the taste of the ocean, so does every moment carry the taste of eternity.” —Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj