Removing Every Hindrance Between You and Reality

words & design by Brian Thompson.

When there exists no hindrance whatsoever between you and that which you perceive, then all that remains is the intimate act of perceiving itself.

Unhindered by mind, awareness then reveals only the bliss of consciousness being. Allow conceptual thought to fall away and merge in perfect harmony with all that you perceive.

Our awareness is always open to accept all that it receives—our awakening is in becoming conscious of this unbound awareness, without detracting from its perfection with subjective thoughts of desire or fear, and without trying to divide the truth of reality into separate parts independent from the whole.

This already happens autonomously and with no effort, however, our mind veils the choiceless act of perceiving, and focusses instead on its seemingly apparent parts—the subject from which it’s viewed and the objects of perception which it thereby includes.

We consider ourselves to be the centre from where all perceiving seems to be located, behind our eyes, that place of awareness which we commonly call our “self”.

We then wrap this “centre of perception”—our so-called self—inside objects of conceptual thought, discernment and emotion, which we then further define by opinions of that which is perceived, the objects of the world.

In truth however, we are neither the subject nor the object of perception. We are neither the body which perceives, nor the world it sees—rather, we are the awareness that is perceiving both.

I am not the perceived, nor am I the perceiver; I am the continuous act of perceiving.

And so, I hate to break it to you, but you don’t exist, and neither do any of the things that surround you.

You see, you believe that you have a “self" because of the continual succession of memories and experiences that you’ve chosen to identify yourself with. You believe that “you" are the owner of these memories, and that all such experiences happened directly to “you”.

But consider this, does that which is seen through a pair of binoculars “belong” to the binoculars? Does that which appears on the screen of a theatre, belong to the screen?

The binoculars were merely a tool of perception. In truth, the binoculars own nothing. Likewise, the movie screen is merely the blank slate upon which all appearances arise, but the screen itself can own nothing. Experience is no different—it is not a “thing” that can be owned—such a thought exists only within imagination.

The same is also true for you—you can only ever experience the perception of you.

In realtiy however, what you consider as “you” is merely the vessel in which all perceiving occurs in and through, but not to.

Your “self”, as you perceive it, does not exist—and so, no ownership can truthfully be claimed of anything at all, including experience, knowledge, and everything else you deem to personally possess. In order for ownership to occur, there must first be a “self” to assume the role of “owner”, who then owns a "thing". But since there is no self and there are no things, the entire concept completely falls apart.

And such is the illusion of duality we’ve been conditioned with our entire lives.

Abandon any thought that takes your awareness away from your present knowing. Remove every hindrance between you and reality.

There is only the indivisible whole—including your mind, body, and everything it perceives—in which awareness is perceiving only a tiny particular aspect of the undivided totality, as it simultaneously appears within consciousness.

It is only through the function of seeing that both the seer (the self), and that which is seen (things and objects) appear to exist.

In other words, both your self and the things you see are mistakes of perception.

The presence of seeing appears to divide reality into two parts—the subject and the object, but seemingly independent parts are an illusion. In reality, there is only the presence of seeing.

Without the presence of seeing, neither of the two apparent parts could appear.

The seer—what you consider to be your self—is merely a by-product of seeing. It is merely a shadow of that which is real—which is only the perceiving itself. And so, the perceived self is just a shadow of thought.

The same holds true for that which is seen, or rather the objects of seeing. The sensing of an apparent object can only arise within the activity of seeing. So it too is a shadow of thought caused by misperception.

The two seemingly separate parts—the subject and the object—the perceiver and the perceived—spontaneously co-arise together, but they cannot exist independent of perceiving.

In truth, both apparent parts are simply a conceptual illusion.

One gives rise to many.

Without the presence of perceiving, no “object” could be divided and separated out of the totality of the indivisible whole. It is because of the focal point of perception that a “thing” appears as being isolated and independent from the rest of reality. But again, this is a false perception.

Further, once we identify a “thing” within our perception we are apt to give it a name, and once a thing has a name it seems to become even more substantial and real to us. It appears to take on an independent existence all on its own, one that’s seemingly apart from the rest of the whole.

The same goes for us. We are given a name at the birth of our body, and we are conditioned from day one that this is “who” we are. Our identity with the body and mind is inseparably ingrained upon every one of us, from our first breath. And so, we then believe that our self is separate from the rest of the world, rather than one with it.

The ultimate reality is that you are neither the mind nor the body; you are the continuum of consciousness within, upon which all experiences become known.

You are the aware presence of perceiving that continually flows through every sensation within your experience.

The oneness of reality cannot be divided by your perceiving, so become the witness to your worldly observing.

When this is recognized as truth, and its realization is fully integrated into present-moment-experiencing, you will experience a considerable shift in your physical, mental, and emotional perspective.

It is this shift in consciousness that frees “you” from the binding nature of mind, a mind that wants to mistakenly attach its identity onto everything it perceives.

Your true Self is beyond any possible perception of identity, it is the aware emptiness all perceptions arise within. At all times, you are the aware presence of perceiving.

You are the knowing with which all things are presently known.