Mind always make matters worse. Lose your mind.

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Your mind will always make matters worse.

Without mind however, there’s no-thing to matter, so... lose your mind.

After all, it is your mind that makes the appearance of a ‘thing’ in the first place. Let me explain. A ‘thing' is nothing more than a concept, regardless of whether it refers to a physical object or a mental object.

A ‘thing’ appears to be real because your mind has singled out some ’thing’ that it has sensed out of the entire field of your perception, which you’ve then subconsciously attached a name onto—which is an autonomous function of the mind’s conditioning by memory and language.

The appearance of a 'thing' is the result of this process of the mental abstraction of a singular ‘part’ from the whole, which you identified with your awareness and named, labelled, formed an opinion on, and then segregated from the rest of the undivided totality of reality—a distinction that was conceptual only. The mental classificiation you formed of it did not exist in reality.

So, being that a ‘thing’ is nothing more than a mental conceptualization, every 'thing’ that you perceive doesn't actually exist as you perceive it—it is not independent from the rest of the field of your perception, nor from the environment as a whole.

And so, every ’thing' is a false projection of mind, created solely by this misperceived separation. This is the illusion of duality.

So since a ‘thing’ is a false formulation of mind, then so too is any 'object of mind’—including the thought, “Why is Tom so mad me? It's probably because of what I said the other night. He pretended like he didn’t even hear me. Oh no, sob… what have I done?"

As you can see, a problem exists only by your conceiving of it!

You create a problem within mind. It doesn't exist in the 'real world'. When you believe in this mystical creation of an object of mind, this 'thing' that only exists within your mental perception, appears to be true—just like all of the other millions of ‘things’ you believe to be true around you.

As soon as you conceive of a concept to be bothered by, then so you shall be.

Regardless of the very real and intense emotions you might feel because of the problem you perceive, it still remains a concept of mind—a product of consciousness, in consciousness. Your problem has no independent existence outside of your mind. You give it life. You sustain it through your belief it.

As long as you rely upon mind, you will continue to fall into its messy misperceptions.

The spiritual aspirant needs to realize that concepts don't matter—unless of course, you need to apply mind to problem solve in your work, art, or whatever other daily routines. For the most part however, mind-stuff only clouds your perception and obscures the truth of what is real.

End your reliance upon mind. You don’t need to employ it as much as you believe. Abide instead in the peaceful presence of your already-still awareness, living effortlessly through the loving-kindness that emanates from your undefended heart.

The wordless wisdom of truth is undivided by mind.

Un-think. Un-learn. Un-know. Un-believe. Un-speculate. Un-seek. Un-strive. Un-desire. Un-fear.

Lose your mind and effortlessly be.

Relax your stubborn grip on endlessly speculating about all of the ‘why’s' and the ‘what-for’s' that your ego-self is continually seeking. If you want to find the ‘reason' for anything, then you’ll need to rewind time back to the very moment of creation.

Despite what you might think, you can never ‘know’ it all—which is what every concept tries to achieve—but you can understand it all as the dream of consciousness it is.

If we honestly want to be free of suffering, then we must first realize, without any hesitation or doubt whatsoever, that all of our emotional suffering and unhappiness is caused entirely by our relationship with our mind.

Abide in the bliss of no-mind, where no problems reside—free from any subjective opinion or relative concept, free from any false rhetoric of mind.

Be mindful. Observe your thoughts. As soon as you catch yourself speculating—call it out. Focus the full force of your attention onto the false concept that has appeared in you mind like a mirage in the desert. Disbelieve it, do not engage in any further dialogue with its origin of thought, and be free.

Free yourself from any and all pointless speculation of mind.