Smile with the heart, not the mind

Words and poster design by Brian Thompson.

Smile with the heart, not the mind.

If you wait for the mind to be happy, you'll be waiting indefinitely.

True happiness is ever-present and unchanging, but it appears lost as long as you trust the imaginary world of divisive thought. No longer be distracted from your true Self.

Transcend the mind—understand that you lack nothing but the self-realization of your original empty nature.

Smile from the effortless aware presence that animates every moment, that gives life to all that is, and not from the mind's personal opinions that circle all seeming things.

You are the source of happiness—not the ego, nor its opinionated delusions.

To truly Be, be empty of the personal image of “me”, and allow your natural essence of open emptiness to permeate everything within consciousness—resisting nothing.

Go within and touch the infinite.

Realize the Eternal Smile of Absolute Reality itself, found within the heart of Awareness, the silent background of nothingness onto which every experience, sensation, and perception appears.

Can't you see? You are the universe smiling at itself!