Be the presence, not the person.

Words and poster design by Brian Thompson.

Be the presence, not the person.

Presence is infinite—unbound by anything.

It is open, spacious, silent, empty, and forever aware; focussed on nothing and yet intrinsically in tune with the totality of its environment.

Meanwhile, the person brings its sense of personal subjectivity into every perception, situation, conversation, and relationship. It labels every experience and divides them into limiting concepts of this and that, right and wrong, good and evil, us and them, so on, and so forth. For the person, every experience, therefore, is determined by their particular blend of conditioned experiences, beliefs, opinions, assumptions, expectations, fears, and desires—notions which are entirely relative and false. Such things do not exist independent of the mind that thinks them.

For the person, attention is continually placed solely on the mind's impressions, which only perpetuates the illusory, conceptual boundary that seems to exist between what it believes is “me" and what it believes is "not-me”. Furthermore, anything labelled as "not-me" is then considered to be separate from oneself, which then poses a potential threat to the security of their imagined identity.

And so, as a person, you will always be divided from every experience, rather than being one with whatever the moment seems to contain.

You will remain separated by an illusion of duality through conceptual thought.

As a person, it’s always "you" against the world. Presence, which is always there and always aware, appears to be split by the mind, never seeming whole, never seeming complete, never inclusive of all that is.

The person, therefore, is ruled by a continual dividing inner-narrative, rather than being one with the unfettered field of awareness in which the mind, the body, and the person’s imagined self-image appear. To the person, every experience feels somewhat empty and lacking. The spiritual heart centre constricts and becomes resistant and closed-off to the fullness of whatever is here and now, rather than being open, accepting, and whole-hearted.

Presence, however, which is every being's underlying, undefiled nature, is absolute. Presence is inclusive of everything, at every moment.

There is no me or you, mine or hers, this or that, should or should not, vile or divine; there is only We, Consciousness. Nothing is considered personal. In fact, nothing happens to no one at all. There is only This, Now, which I Am.

To be the Presence that you already are is to be undisturbed by any delusion of the mind. To be Presence is to disregard any personal sense of subjectivity, it is to disidenitfy with any stories of individual self, and abide in unified and awareness.

Be That which you already Are.

Awaken from the dream of the imagined personal entity and realize the Infinite Presence which shines through you, as you, in you.

As Presence, you are nothing, and in this emptiness, everything appears, all of which is an impersonal reflection of you, the field of limitless Awareness.