When the false is seen as false, you have found the truth

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Be mindful of your mentations.

In order to realize your innate inner peace and happiness, you must be aware of the endless conceptual notions the mind tries to apply onto the world that it’s perceiving. Further, it must be understood that the essential nature of all such thought is dualistic.

Conceptual thought divides reality from its harmonious unicity by continually positing one thing against another, by contrasting "this" against "that", and by forcing you into forming conceptual opinions that distort a thing’s actuality. Conceptual thought (such as the stories and ideas that you mentally wrap things in) separates you from realizing the ever-present truth, distorting how you perceive yourself, others, and the rest of the world.

To be free from this self-delusion, caused by the egoic mind, self-awareness is paramount. You must be persistent in your efforts to observe all thought, watch every emotion, and be aware of every opinion that appears within mind.

Wherever duality appears, suffering does too.

Concepts consume the truth, casting shadows of divisiveness and opposition into the mind of its perceiver. So remain mindful of any ideation that might constrict you into a closed and limited point of view, and that might confine your infinite awareness to a defensive, judgemental, divisive, and selfish perspective.

An opinion is nothing more than a false thought-form, one that points only towards a “personal" preference. But, to whom does this preference appear? To you? Well, who precisely is this “you”? From where did this “me” appear? Who is this “I” who holds this point of view? To whom does this feeling of I appear? Where did this sense of I come from? Who am I?

See through the fallacy of these subjective thoughts and opinions that constantly appear to “you”, and expose the original delusion that is their source—your false opinion of “you”.

Know yourself as the presence of infinite consciousness that you truly are. Your true Self cannot be bound by any thought, belief, concept, preference, or opinion—not unless you allow yourself to be. The only thing that binds you is your own false image you have of yourself. In other words, it is only the ego and its false imaginings that limits you.

Acknowledge your own consciousness. Abide only in your present presence-of-awareness, and not in any of your conceptual egoic stories. Be free from your illusions entirely—no longer allow this false subjectivity to delude you.

When you see through the fallacy of your own thoughts, any sense of separation between you and the rest of the world dissolves. Reality appears, unbound by any subjective opinions or concepts.

Awaken from the dream of duality caused by the countless mis-perceptions created by the conceptual mind.

When the false is seen as false, you have found the truth.