Consciousness is the source, substance and activity of all that is

words & design by Brian Thompson.

All things are consciousness, becoming.

Consciousness is the source, substance and activity of all that is—it is the infinite and eternal field of awareness that underlies the animating vitality of life’s brilliant vibrancy, which we then express through all that we say and do.

There are no things, there is only the experiencing of the apparent appearance of things.

Or, to rephrase that a little more clearly—there are no forms, objects, people, places or things, as we conceive them as such, there is only the experiencing of the apparent appearance of such conceptualized things.

All apparent things—both form and formless—are in continual transformation. All things; forever in the midst of becoming whatever they might be experiencing next. No thing is static or still—all things are in constant movement and transition, impermanent in their present position and state, always unfolding into something else, forever blossoming into a flower whose colour and shape of petals are as yet unknown.

All things are consciousness; becoming, expressing—being.

Our life is a continual expression of this, for we, as humans with an apparent self, are nothing more than the ongoing process of present-moment experiencing, as perceived by our awareness. This is our human being-ness, with each moment being a stepping stone in our next becoming.

So, if life is one continuous, uninterrupted “experiencing”, then what will your experience be? To put it simply, it will be whatever you make of it.

If you obscure this present moment inside a bundle of thinking, then you’re only experiencing your thoughts and not the actual rich and beautiful complexity of the moment itself. When you are deep in subjective thought you are pulled away from your present moment experiencing, and become lost inside a subjective conceptualization of it—one which doesn’t actually exist.

Whatever you are doing, right now, is your life.

There is only the experiencing of THIS moment—not the objectification of it by considering it as an object that can somehow be saved, preserved or held onto.

What we call life is the continual, uninterrupted expression of the fluid continuity of movement that’s inherent within all apparent “things”—we are the awareness that perceives the forever-unfolding of one moment as it seamlessly melts into the next.

When we analyze our intimate experience with the present moment, we see that there are no actual "moments" per se, for “moments” are merely an object of thought. What we call a “moment” is merely the memory of a past experiencing, of what was yet another perceived moment—but in truth, even this present-moment-remembering of a past that appeared to be, that created the very perception of the previous moment, is just a present-moment-experiencing of subjective thought, which can only ever be realized in the present.

This is the clarity of true seeing that can only be found within the undivided presence of choiceless awareness.

There is only now, and the present-moment process of experiencing whatever we perceive within it.

I invite you to see this transparency, that's imbued within all form and matter and states of mind, as it is the undying principle that underlies the reality of all that is known. See through this transparency of apparent things and see that there are no “things" whatsoever, there is only the experiencing of the apparent appearance of things.

See beyond your initial habit of perception and be rid of all that is not truly there—including the apparent appearance of the “things” your mind conceives of, which have been conceptually extracted from your unified field of seeing. The truth in our experience is that no “thing" can ever be removed as such from your seeing, or from your experiencing, or from your present-moment knowing—there is only the undivided whole.

All experience is unified and inclusive.

Our continuous flow of experiencing is devoid of any objects of thought, regardless of whatever conceptualization we project onto it. Even though we believe in these illusions produced by mind, they are not true. There is only the pervading, animated and intimate presence of our continuous awareness, whose truth remains undivided, regardless of whatever conceptual or subjective thinking we attach onto our seeing, no matter how veiled its truth might be from our conscious cognition of it.

And so, in every possible way, we are always and forever experiencing—forever seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, hearing, thinking—it’s all a continuous, expansive, infinite blossoming of knowing. It is only the action implied by such verbs that can adequately express the fluidity of continuous motion that lives and dies within each of us, within every possible moment.

We are not stationary objects, we are be-ings!

We are the transcending awareness that is the substance and source of all things, that allows all things to be known, and our expression of it is through the creative animation of our living bodies and mind.

Singing! Playing! Loving! Laughing! Feeling! Dancing! Writing! Talking! Listening! Walking! Sleeping! Eating! Thinking! Breathing! Reading! Creating! Working! Observing! Understanding!

This is living!

Or, if you’ve contracted into yourself by believing in dreams of thought, you might be fearing, stressing, worrying, lacking, regretting, dwelling, desiring… for these are also expressions of your present-moment being, as experienced through the non-existent self who believes it’s separate from that which it experiences.

Non-dual self-realization is unifying your mind with the zing! that’s found within every breath and moment.

All things are consciousness, becoming. Within every moment, we are expressing!

Every thought, every action, every deed—they are all an expression of our choiceless awareness. Even if we resist whatever we’re presently feeling, then that too is merely an experience of our current thoughts with which we’ve self-identified and clung to—it’s all an unfolding expression of the present moment.

Once we realize the zing! that IS our every moment, objects of thought fall away to reveal the awaking bliss of love and happiness that expresses itself through the unbound freedom of our unified consciousness within.

All of life, in every moment, is an expression of present-moment knowing. This is living. This is life, here and now, as we know it to be.

We are a drop from the universal well of consciousness, experiencing the creative expression of our very own perceptions, however we choose to interpret them by mind. There is only ever this, the spontaneity of our present-moment being.

Awaken to this spirit of oneness, wonder, and simplicity that is the one true nature of all apparent things.

Truly see what is to be seen—the shimmering beauty of the universe in all of its current becomings, scented with the essence of unity and love with which the cosmos of our consciousness communicates—undivided by mind, absolute in its non-duality.

There is only this one ocean of awareness and your experience of it.

To fully embody the abundant happiness that is our true Self (consciousness), we must practice a radical form of acceptance of our choiceless awareness. We must accept all things to simply be however they appear. Do not wrestle with reality. It’s un-winnable.

You only need to shed your belief in that which is untrue—your thoughts that subjectify your perceptions.

Living in such a way, all things are revealed to be both loved and loving, and no problems can ever possibly exist. It is only abstract thinking that tells us otherwise.