We are the punchline to the entire cosmic joke—but, do you get the gag?

words & design by Brian Thompson.

If you’re able to find the humour in life, then you’ll agree that as humans, we are in fact the punchline to the entire cosmic joke.

But, do you get the gag? Are you able to see the humour and laugh?

You pride yourself on your reason, intellect and logical thinking, but the more knowledge you acquire, the more you limit yourself behind a wall of conceptual delusions—one that is impossible to see through. Your so-called “knowledge” blinds you from seeing the truth of reality, despite it being the invisible essence that enables you to think, feel, see… and be.

And so, you keep looking for answers, for truth, for meaning, for purpose, and for happiness. But these can only be realized within you, as you.

You—as the nameless and formless, aware presence that you truly are—are the source and substance of all reality. You are that which you seek, and yet, you continue to look outside yourself to find yourself.

The more you search for answers, the more lost you become—and this is the cosmic joke.

With each new piece of knowledge you acquire, you believe you’re getting closer, but you’re actually getting further and further away.

Reality cannot be labelled or defined, but it certainly won't stop you from trying.

The more closely you inspect something, the more questions you create. The more you analyze, quantify and qualify something, the more unknowable it becomes. And upon closer inspection, everything seems to just fall apart. This is true for physical matter (atoms and particles), and it’s also true for the mental matter of your emotions, your problems, and your sense of the world.

In a thing's conceptual dissolution, its illusion is realized, revealing that all along you have been duped by a false appearance.

Relative knowledge is limitless, it has no end. It will forever change with its circumstance and environment, and as such, is not absolute. It is not real. It only creates new questions which spin the wheel of confusion even further, leaving you forever hungry, never quite fulfilled, and always searching for more.

There is only one truth, and it is the unchanging reality that all relative knowledge rests upon.

This truth, is our spontaneous and unidentifiable presence of knowing. There is nothing real beyond our awareness; everything that is perceived appears within it, as it.

If you investigate your own presence of consciousness you will reveal yourself to be the source and substance of all that is. This is your direct experience. Without you, nothing would be. You need not go any further than the end of your nose! The truth can only be found here and now, not back then or over there.

Reality cannot exist outside of you, because you are it. But, who is you? It is certainly not something to be gained through knowledge, it can only be realized through present-moment knowing. It is the ultimate realization of the intimate spontaneity of your aware presence—reality itself.

After all, how can we truly know something through words alone?

Language misses the mark completely. Sure, you might nod your heads and say you understand each other, yourself, and the world—but, do you? Your so-called knowledge overlooks so much, and yet you assume it speaks the truth.

You pacify yourself with material knowledge that does nothing to settle your existential crisis. You learn about the world, as it seems to appear, but not about yourself.

But the truth remains forever unspoken. No matter how hard we try, a story will never replicate the experience it tries to reflect. The word is not what it describes. The map is not the terrain. The direction is no the destination. The math is not the solution. The menu is not the meal!

Only direct experience reveals the absolute truth of reality.

Words are nothing but short-sighted, conceptual attempts filled with assumptions and false dualities. You must look within your presence of being.

To know know your Self is to know reality. The cosmic joke is that we believe the false projections of the limited mind, rather than the infinite presence of awareness in which it (and the entire universe) appears.

You are the absolute truth. Not you, the person—you, the presence. Without you, none of this would exist. This is your consciousness, your Self, your dream. It’s all in you, as you.

Once you awaken to this truth of being, you can finally laugh at the fallacy of all your mistaken perceptions!

There is no longer anything to be taken personally, as the person you thought you were doesn’t even exist. There is only consciousness experiencing itself, as itself.

You are universal consciousness, dreaming. You are absolute reality.