What is freedom?

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

True freedom is being free from the search for freedom.

It is the end of all restless and anxious desire. It is the end of confusion. It is the end of any imagined sense of lack. It is no longer allowing oneself to be relative to the contents of their reactive and conditioned mind.

True freedom is absolute contentment. It is realizing inner-peace is always within one's presence of infinite awareness—which is always here, and always now.

There is nothing but this moment, and searching for anything outside of it will lead to nothing but dissatisfaction.

There is only this—and I am That.

True freedom is realizing, with absolute clarity and conviction, that we are already That for which we have been searching. All one needs is to call off the search entirely and abide in That which they presently are—empty of the mind's illusory and nonsensical distractions.

There is no "thing" to find, as nothing exists as it's perceived. All that is, "exists" only within the mind, relative to its beliefs. These projections of the mind, which the world lives through, and seemingly as, is nothing but an illusion—or to put it more accurately, delusion.

There is no reality to be found, for we are both the source and substance of it ourselves. There is nothing outside us. All paths lead within. We ARE absolute reality! Not us as the "person" (which is only a product of imagination), but the "presence".

And so, all searches lead to nowhere. They're all fruitless, despite whatever they seem to promise with the temptation of their empty rewards.

Nothing is as it seems. Thoughts are not reality—you are.

As long as one ignores the most fundamental and unchanging aspect of one's true self-nature—consciousness—freedom will continue to be obscured by the mind's conceptual and limited beliefs.

True freedom is here and now—realized by abiding in the beautiful emptiness of pure presence alone. Be unattached to any thought object, emotion, or "thing"—gently flow in unicity with the "waves" arising within consciousness, accepting them each as they appear within the oceanic expanse of this infinite awareness of, I Am.

Wherever I go, there I Am. This is it. Here I Am! I AM Freedom itself!

There is nothing to find, as there is only this blissful emptiness in which this person I call “me” appears, and in which this world seems to "be". But in my direct experience, which is all one ever has, I am the only "being" I can truly Know—while everything else is just an appearance arising within “me”.

I AM this Knowingness—this aliveness, this aware essence in which all that IS seems to Be.

So, who is this me? I am nothing but empty space—consciousness itself.

I am free from searching for anything, for I know that everything is nothing but a moving image, an illusory appearance dancing across the screen of this awareness I Am—an infinite space of absolute emptiness, with no limits, with no bounds... with no beginning and no end.

Total Freedom is abiding in one’s presence of unadorned Beingness—the suchness of the only moment there is—Now.