how do you react towards words of positive encouragement?

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

when some people hear words of the sort that seem to imply, “you can do it — you can!”, their only reply is, “...but i can’t”.

they’re so overwhelmed by past failures that they are convinced there’s no possible escape from their current misery.

their response to every positive word of advice or encouragement is one of pessimism and anger — they slam all doors shut. they lock themselves behind a wall of habitual negative thinking, a victim of their overwrought stress and worry.

some people's lives are so defined by pain that it's impossible for them to believe there's any other way. this is their fate, they believe, or perhaps just a case of horrendous, bad luck which they can do nothing about. they believe their current circumstance predicts their entire future, so they wrap their misery around themselves like a warm blanket, cuddling it even closer to their heart.

their pain comforts them, since it’s the only thing they’ve ever really known. it’s like the reliable friend they loathe, yet who they refuse to say goodbye to, for fear of being left all alone.

they’re so blinded by their suffering that they can’t see the world of potential that truly exists for them.

they believe self improvement is something only for those who’ve already "made it”, or that personal development is only for those who are lucky enough to already have a "perfect life”.

but, your problems only hang around because you won’t let go of them.

everyone can improve their situation. nothing is permanent, not even the pain you're currently overwhelmed by. we can all do things to lessen our suffering. we can all take steps towards realizing transcendental change.

for someone who’s sitting at the bottom of a dark pit of despair, positive words of encouragement are the last thing they want to hear. they don’t want to accept responsibility for their pain, they only want to be consoled and told, “you’re right, the world must be out to get you. you’re a helpless victim and there’s absolutely nothing you can do."

but that’s a lie.

you are fully empowered to make positive changes in your life, regardless of your situation. if you think otherwise, you’ve already given up. know this, even if you choose to do nothing other than whine and complain about your circumstance, that too is a decision.

everyone has the ability of choice.

if you ever catch yourself mocking words of positive affirmation, inner development, or personal empowerment, realize that your sarcastic reaction only cements your decision to accept your misery and failure and your unwillingness to do anything about it — you'd rather complain.

so where do you stand?

do you side with hope and possibility for yourself? or do you side with doubt and denial? would you rather take sides with the certainty of a pain you already know, or with those who are committed to pursuing the power of human potential to find their inner freedom?

affirmations are reminders of what we’re all capable of; wisdom shared by those who have already weathered the storms of their discontent and have come out the other side, stronger and more confident than ever before.

without words of inspiration and motivation, we might never see through the fog of confusion that clouds our minds.

your fate always has been, and always will be, up to you.

this is your life, take control of it.

at some point in our lives, we all need a compass to point us towards the direction of our freedom. while we need to walk the path all on our own, it certainly helps if we know which way to begin.

my point is this, don’t close yourself off to the truth of your potential by ignoring words of wisdom — be open to new ideas, and be receptive to teachings of personal development and change.

you can.