Your opinions are also your prison

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

“Would you rather be right or free?”
—Byron Katie

You imprison yourself inside opinions of how you think things should (or should not) be.

Every personal notion you hang on to—regarding a person, place, event, or thing—further separates you from the truth.

But, my dear friend, reality is empty of concepts.

Who do these opinions appear to, that you seem to possess? They are not yours; they are the mind's habitual conditioning. It's an illusion—so dispel it now, before it causes any further unrest.

What do you have to convince anyone of, and why? Who is doing the convincing? It's never truly you—but it's always the ego, pretending to be you.

The Self, Awareness, has nothing to prove. It accepts and allows whatever appears within it, and then lets go.

No longer be confined by the mind's desire to defend itself. No longer be burdened by its yearning to prove yourself right. No longer suffer what it tries to latch onto, which it then turns into a problem.

Right or wrong do not exist. Everything is relative.

No one can see what another person sees. Nobody's personal preference, perspective, or perception is absolute. So stop trying to further your selfish opinions. There's nothing to defend to no one.

Just let it go, all of it.

When you negatively respond to something, you respond only to your opinions—not to the thing itself. Just keep quiet and no longer react to how the mind perceives the world—you must realize its perception is not reality.

No longer turn the wheel of suffering.

Be still within and realize the profound freedom you already possess.

When the world no longer affects you, karma has come to an end.