20 Daily Morning Affirmations of Zen Thinking (includes a free pdf download)

since you can never have too many positive words to fill your mind with, i have a list of twenty new daily morning affirmations i’d like to share with you.

each affirmation is a separate ingredient with its own distinct flavour, but together they form a wholesome recipe to help cultivate your entire well-being.

when a morning affirmation is said with sincerity, reverence and whole-hearted intention, it has the ability to guide your entire day into a beautiful direction. they recallibrate your personal compass so it's easier to stay on the positive path you intend to walk.

they direct your day's intention.

when simple words resonate with you they have the power to stick in your mind, and the more often you repeat them, the better you're able to call upon them from memory whenever you need them the most.

they’re like little life reminders that you stuff into the corner of your mind, that are there for you whenever you find yourself in moments of emotional flux. they help you heal in times of sadness, confusion, confrontation, distress, trouble or unease.

they remind you of all the positive things that you truly believe, but that you simply forget when you're too distracted by overwheling thoughts.

this list is meant to be read in its entirety with each new reading, but you may prefer to focus on only one affirmation at a time. use them however they serve you best.

if these words resonate with you, then please print out the Free PDF from the button at the bottom of this post.

print it out and stick it on your bedroom mirror, place it beside your computer or on your desk, stick it on a bulletin board, save it as a morning reminder in your phone’s calendar, or send it to a loved one or a friend.

share the love and pass it around.

20 Daily Morning Affirmations of Zen Thinking

by Brian Thompson

i am healthy, wealthy, happy and wise.

i am mindful, centered, peaceful, patient and calm.

i am loved, l am loving — i am gracious, i am giving.

i will have no expectations and will make no assumptions.

i am a magnet of opportunity and will prosper doing only what i love.

i will seek beauty everywhere i go, within everyone and everything i see.

i am worthy of the abundance of life's blessings and am grateful for each and every one.

i will not let my well-being be attached to any outcome, i will not let my happiness be attached to any stuff.

i am remarkable and will exceed every expectation, for my greatest passions will bring my greatest rewards.

i am not perfect and will make many mistakes, but i will always forgive myself as long as i continue to learn.

i will be mindful at all times and will live only within each moment i have — i will be here, now.

i will drop all opposing thoughts of anger, fear, desire, restlessness, anxiety and worry.

i will be forever curious and will find wonder within everything.

i will strive for compassion in every moment of every day.

i shall always endeavour to gently walk the middle way.

i will not let my thinking betray my greater good.

i will silence my mind and listen intently.

i will help others however i can.

i will forever follow my bliss.

i will dwell only in peace.