Reader Question: How do I overcome bad thoughts?

Words and poster design by Brian Thompson.

Reader Question:

How do I reset my brain and forget everything bad that has happened in the last year? I cannot seem to find my inner peace. The last few months have been a continuous struggle. I try to forget things, but the more I try, the more they come back stronger, and I end up having a panic attack.


Your inner peace is always with you.

It has never left, despite how you might feel otherwise. Even if the world is raging all around you, the silent stillness of Self is always available to you, because it IS you.

Your true nature of pure awareness is forever undisturbed. Anything other than this all-pervading essence of inner peace is a product of imagination created by the ego-mind.

The solution to this suffering and anxiety is simple: No longer react to the mind’s mindless meanderings.

Be still and silent within. Observe the mind with detachment, knowing that its stories are not true. They are not in any way a reflection of the real you, for you, absolute awareness, are the impersonal witnessing presence in which all such stories appear.

You are beyond the mind, so don’t confuse yourself with its fearful chatter and self-conscious nonsense.

No longer react to the mind. Don’t be fooled. No longer engage it in dialogue or debate. Just leave it alone. Untouched, the ego's illusory thought forms will disappear as quickly as they arose.

This is the antidote to your pain—your practice is to simply observe all thought with effortless detachment, free of any judgement.

Whatever you lose interest in will soon disappear. Thoughts can only pull you into their falsely created drama if you react to the stories they weave.

When you empty the mind of the concepts it wraps around every experience, you realize peace as being your natural and true Self; one which no perception or sensation can ever possibly disrupt or divide.

You suffer from placing your conscious attention on things outside of yourself, rather than focussing awareness onto itself, which is the source from where lasting happiness flows. You suffer from lending the absolute reality of your undistracted Self (pure awareness) to the thoughts that appear to you, rather than realizing the ever-present space of unbroken awareness in which they appear.

Your true Self is nothing but an empty and aware presence—impersonal, void of self-conscious thoughts.

No longer pay attention to any stories that swirl around in this imagined psychological entity called ‘I’—they’re all false.

Just rest within yourself, as the Self.

Be quiet within and no longer react to your mind and the world it falsely interprets. Abide in the silence of undistracted awareness, no longer be concerned with the mind’s ridiculous theories of ‘me’.

The mind is not to be trusted—only present-moment awareness is real, which is always here and now, and the Presence of Being that knows this, is your undivided Self.

Be true to your Self, and all such sufferings from past pains will dissolve into the absolute perfection of here and now.