Don’t debate the mind, negate it.

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

Don’t debate the mind, negate it.

No longer be concerned with whatever thoughts seem to appear. Recognize them all as being insubstantial and irrelevant; none of them have anything to do with your true Self.

That opinion that appeared?
Not me, not mine.

That sense of lack that arose?
Not me, not mine.

Those thoughts of dissatisfaction and unhappiness?
Not me, not mine.

Those problems? Those struggles? That suffering?
Not me, not mine.

That fear? That desire? That worry? That anger? That frustration?
Not me, not mine.

You are not the ‘I' the mind thinks you are.

Your sense of ‘I' might have a problem, but you don’t. See the ‘I' for what it is—an egoic creation. ‘I' is simply the imagination creating a story around a continuity of thought that it assumes to be you, but it remains as nothing but a dream—an illusion of the mind.

In truth, I-thoughts have nothing to do with you. They are a merely a mistake in perception. In other words, if you to listen to the mind’s I-thoughts and take them seriously, it's no different than mistaking the stormy clouds for the clear sky.

No longer be distracted from yourself. Know yourself as the infinite space of clarity that you already are.

Watch all such perceptions dissolve into the self-realization of your own awareness. Peacefully abide in the knowing of your own presence. Awaken from the slumber of the dreaming mind.

Identify not with anything that appears to you, but only with the empty space of silent understanding that all things appear within. Align yourself with the invisible presence of knowingness in which all things become known—consciousness—the suchness of your selfless Self.

Realize that nothing the mind does is intimate, no matter how personal it might seem, but the space in which the mind seems to appear is. Know yourself. Allow consciousness to be self-aware of its own manifested presence. This is your only true intimacy.

No longer be concerned with the so-called inner voice.

Do not listen to, or respond, to its worldly distractions and relative opinions. Simply remain still as the background of all that is, accepting it all, resisting nothing.

Just leave your thoughts alone. React to nothing they infer or suggest. Simply let all perceptions pass, unhindered by your attention or involvement.

When the mind is seen as false, the truth will remain, unclouded and free.

Don’t debate the mind, negate it.

Remember: Not me, not mine.