Are you comfortable with being alone?

Are you comfortable with being alone?

Can you be still and allow your mind to rest quietly in silence? Or must you always be busy, in order to distract yourself from listening to your over-active, thinking mind?

Many of our thoughts are negative, judgemental and self-critical, and if we aren’t mindful of the thoughts with which we engage our attention with, they will end up taking over our entire emotional being.

Our thoughts will convince us of many things which are false and unreal, both about ourselves, and the world around us—they're better left ignored.

The beautiful thing is, is that if you leave your mind alone it will quickly quieten itself. With no one to pay attention to it, it will stop making so much noise—it will stop screaming for you to listen.

Starve your mind of the attention it craves and it will settle all on its own.

No longer be a slave to your thinking mind, rather, become its master!