Decisions are the mind’s own invention

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Decisions are the mind’s own invention.

Outside of the mind that thinks them, decisions don’t actually exist—they are merely a mental fabrication. All questions and decisions are the mind’s own conception, created from whatever it perceives itself relative to.

Life is shaped by whatever conditions you allow yourself to be ruled by.

This is the dream of life—it assumes the form of whatever you project onto it. Your life is ruled by your beliefs . As long as you believe a decision needs to be made, then one will exist for you. But its reality remains a false one, as it will exist only within the virtual environment that your belief has created for it.

But your essential Self is not relative to anything—you, Awareness, are absolute. In truth, the Self has no decisions, it has no problems—it is already and forever complete within itself, as itself.

It is only the ego who is relative to conditions, circumstances and phenomena; it is only the ego who believes it is in control; it is only the ego who believes that you are a personal identity who requires something to be changed or solved; it is only the ego who believes it is responsible for all that seems to be done in your life.

These are all illusions of mind. Don’t conceptualize your life.

Life takes care of life—it lives itself. Nothing needs to be done by no one. Things will be done on their own, there needs no doer.

A tree grows, without effort. A flower blooms, without trying. A dog barks, plays, eats, survives and gives birth, without personalizing anything at all. Your heart beats and your lungs breathe, effortlessly. You exist, without having to do anything whatsoever.

Ponder this. Know this to be true.

The self you presume yourself to be is merely an afterthought. You find yourself doing something, and then you claim ownership of the action, after it’s already been said and done, saying, “I did this”.

But there is no you to do anything at all. Who is the I who did this? The I is only a thought.

The truth of you is the knowing presence in which all sensations, thoughts, feelings and perceptions appear—but you are not any of them. Be free of these attachments, for they alone are what binds you, and causes you to feel conflicted and confused.

Abandon any reliance upon thought. Observe your feelings, but remain unattached. What they infer is false. They are merely a dream.

Wake up.

Let go of everything and simply allow life to effortlessly emerge… free, untangled and unbound; empty of any pre-concevied notions.