Using your suffering as an impetus for awakening

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Your suffering serves no other purpose than as an impetus for your awakening.

If you choose to ignore your emotional pain however, and not question its cause, then your suffering will have had no meaning whatsoever. Your pain will have been a pointless waste.

It is meant to reveal your ignorance, so that you can transcend it.

No matter how your emotional suffering might appear to be someone else’s doing, your suffering is entirely self-created.

Your troublesome ego-self and its multitude of attachments needs to be silenced, as it is the entity repsonsible—but only you can end its manifestations that warp the world and that cause you distress.

Use your suffering to nurture your insight and deepen your wisdom—use it to transcend the very idea that created your discontent—your false sense of a personal self.

It is only your mistaken idea of who you are that binds you to your emotional pain. Transcend every idea you have of yourself, and you will be free.

“Freedom from the ego-self is the fruit of self-inquiry.” —Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj