The Sanctity of Self

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Forget everything for just a moment or two.

Slowly breathe in through your nose, hold it for two seconds, and then slowly exhale. Do this three times or more.

Experience the bliss of feeling the air tickle the insides of your nostrils. Notice how the air feels as it races against your upper lip when you empty your breath. Notice how your chest rises and falls. Hear the sound of your breath inside your mind. Feel the coolness as the air travels down your throat, and its warmth as it returns.

This is awareness, being fully present and aware. Now, doesn’t that feel incredible calming?

Close your eyes and try it again. How does your experience change? What more do you notice? Can you feel your feet on the ground? Can you feel your bum on the seat?

Notice the sounds of the environment around you—notice how they come and go as effortlessly as your breath.

This is your true Self—the knowing, the noticing, the experiencing—the eternal witness to all that Is.

Let every moment be like this, where all of the incredible sensations of the here and now tickle the very presence of your being.

Identify yourself with nothing other than this. You are this aware presence—and not any of the perceptions that appear within it.

Do not be stirred by any thought that appears from mind. Realize that all thought is a sense perception, not unlike your breath. Simply notice each one and allow them each to pass.

Accept and release. Un-grasped; no thought can linger, no emotion can remain. In this emptiness that is your presence of peace, no problem can ever appear.

All is well.

This is the joy and peace of your conscious existence—a presence of Self that is always available underneath every experience, thought, feeling, emotion and perception.

There is no-thing closer, as this is who you truly are. This is the sanctity of Self.

Identify only with this presence of awareness—not anything that appears within it—and the happiness that is inherent within your true nature will effortlessly shine.