Interview with Brian Thompson on Bridge the Atlantic Podcast: Zen, Passion & the Flow State

I'm happy to share this new interview I recently did with the Bridge The Atlantic podcast, which you can either watch on the YouTube video above, or listen to on iTunes or Stitcher.

It's a great little chat where I share the history behind Zen Thinking, as well as some of the insights that woke me up and changed my life.


  • “No matter where you are, there you are” – Brian Thompson
  • Through his writing, Brian explores the concepts of being
  • The only truth that can ever be spoken is: “I am” – anything else is just trouble!
  • Brian tells us about transitioning from working in the music industry to what he does now with Zen Thinking
  • We hear that Brian needed to live his life with passion, and it’s that which moved him towards writing, and away from the music business
  • Brian was observing his life through a narrow lens and was unhappy with that point of view – so had to make a change
  • We have to ask ourselves “are our goals in life ego driven?”
  • When our goals are absolute and pure, they’re coming from a place of expression rather than ego boosting
  • If you’re creating from an ego-driven place, you’ll always be wanting more
  • Once you know your true self, everything becomes more effortless
  • It was scarier for Brian to continue being unhappy than to change everything in his life
  • We hear how Brian’s transformation was triggered by quitting drinking
  • “We latch ourselves onto these things that we believe define us but the only thing that defines us are our own definitions” – Brian Thompson, 2016
  • Brian tells us about the Zen Thinking podcast and what we can hear on there
  • Brian talks about the flow state and how it relates to artists

I hope you enjoy the episode!