Don’t take any thought for granted

words & design by Brian Thompson.

When you sit quietly with yourself and observe the happenings of your own mind, without judging any of its activity, it will become clear how the majority of what you think is absolutely untrue.

You will see how your mind dwells in a self-created cesspool of ponderous thought, subjective opinions, discriminating judgements, biased memories, worried imaginings of the future, and distorted ideas about its perceived sense of self.

But when in meditation, as you settle into your role of watcher-of-the-mind, you’re able to realize just how chaotic, obsessive and compulsive the majority of your thoughts truly are. You see for yourself how random gibberish will rise out of absolute nothingness, and then ache for your attention so that it can continue its story building, and morph into a belief.

When you begin to understand how your own mind works, its power over you weakens.

You learn to ignore its noise, and you become able to silence its nonsense and unwelcome thoughts. You thereby become more mindful and regain control of what was otherwise running rampant.

An undisciplined mind creates unrestrained emotions.

Don’t take any thought for granted. Don’t let an unruly mind run away with your wellbeing—reclaim control.

Observe your mind endlessly, question its every belief and conclusion.

The better you understand your own inner nature, the better you'll understand the inner workings of everyone around you.