The endless desire for more, more, more...

Words and design by Brian Thompson.

Most people's lives are shaped by an insatiable desire for more.

We are taught to seek fulfilment outside ourselves, rather than within.

The clothes makes the person. The job makes the man. Is life really meant to be measured in such material ways? Absolutely not, for the sole fact that we are not mere matter, we are the essence within. There is no measuring to be done. After all, what is there to measure, and by whom? Our true presence, our consciousness within, is formless! We are not the temporary form we appear to be.

We are conditioned by culture to believe that happiness is found through consumption, that a person’s success is determined by whatever they are able to achieve and acquire. The more you have the happier you will be—or, so it is thought.

We are desperate to be more beautiful, to be more successful, to have more attention, more love, more fun, more friends, and more money, cars and homes. We want to play more and have more exciting experiences. We want more spirituality, more connection, more passion, more purpose and more meaning.

We want more knowledge. We want more answers! We want more truth—and so, we keep looking.

Sadly, for some people the quest for more manifests itself as a subconscious race to the bottom—to have more hardship, more drama, more depression and more misery. We become comforted by our suffering when it’s the one thing that’s most familiar to us. And so, it becomes a competition and another opportunity to have more of something than someone else.

"I have more pain than you do—I win!”

We are continually looking over our shoulder, comparing ourselves to one another to see what else we might be missing, to see what we need more of in order to be more happy.

Strangely, society seems to reward us for all of our “wants", and this only perpetuates our false sense of satisfaction. We give praise to one another for having such highly respected goals, plans, wishes and dreams. We get a rush of egoic pride from such recognition. We pat each other on the back and say, “Congratulations, you’ve achieved so much! What’s next? What more do you hope to do? What more do you hope to create and produce? What more do you hope to be?”

What few people understand is that the more you want, the more you seem to lack.

And the more you believe you lack, the more unhappy you become. The mind is nothing but a wanting machine, and the more you trust its neurotic nonsense the more deluded you will be.

The race for more is one of stress and anxiety. Our problem is that we never allow ourselves to just be still, to be fully present, empty of any need. "I just need more time—there’s not enough hours in the day!”

To the mind, there’s never enough. You think need more control of your life, and yet, you keep giving it away. With every desire that's chased, you sacrifice your aware-presence to the false sense of lack, rather than to the fullness-of-being what’s already your true nature.

With every thing you want, you lose yourself even further.

"Ugh, I need more sleep—I’m drained. But there’s simply so much more to do..."

Stop for a moment and listen to yourself. Investigate your own selfish behaviour. What are you actually looking for? What emotion are you hoping to realize and maintain? Is there an end to your wanting? When will it be? How will it be found? Or, has your life become an endless pursuit for something that you don’t even understand, that will never bear its promised fruit?

No longer obscure the natural happiness of your inner-essence by chasing empty illusions. No longer sacrifice your presence for your pursuits. Your awareness, here and now, is all that you are. You have nothing but your own consciousness. Everything else will dissolve and disappear, but your awareness is unchanging.

It is your presence alone that is absolute—nothing more.

As long as you continue to place your life's priority onto things outside of you, then you will never realize true peace, happiness and contentment—all of which can only exist in the present moment. If you are always wanting more, then you will never be satisfied with the here and now, which is all there ever is.

So, what is the solution to escaping this false egoic need for more?

Well, it’s certainly not more.

The answer is nothing. Nothing is the final truth. You need nothing more. In the quest for happiness, nothing is everything. The only thing you need more of is more awareness of your awareness—which is absolute nothingness, total emptiness and pure presence. You to be nowhere else but here—because here is all there ever is. No matter where you are, regardless of where your search takes you, you are always here.

This is it. You are it.

You are the very thing you are searching for.

Whatever thoughts arise, realize they are nothing, nothing but delusions that haunt you. You need nothing! Learn to ignore all thoughts of more. See through their empty projections.

Wake up—you are besieged by illusion!

What you truly desire, more than anything else, is the end of desire—and this is absolute happiness. True happiness is not relative to anything, it is a presence of total contentment, empty of desire—and this can only be found within oneself, as oneself.

No longer allow happiness to be conditioned by anything.

Happiness isn't a goal. It’s not a concept or a thing to be acquired. It’s not relative to your surroundings, to your situation, to your possessions, or to your achievements. Happiness is a pure presence-of-being that can only shine when all desires have been dissolved.

No longer be distracted from your own awareness. In truth, it’s all you truly have, because it’s all you truly are.

Simply give up the quest for more. Be patient. Abide in your own inner silence and get to know your true self—your presence of being that isn’t relative to anything other than itself. When you see through the fallacy of desire, all "wants of more" will fall away, all on their own.

When you realize what is false, the truth will shine.

The more you understand your inner-essence, the more you realize nothing is needed but the spontaneity of your alive-and-aware presence, here and now. This is the vitality of your Self, fully realized, from which all happiness flows.

Consciousness needs nothing more.