Getting unstuck from self-perpetuated misery

“Boy am I miserable. Better keep doing everything exactly the same…”

Unfortunately the scenario that’s portrayed in this comic strip might seem a little too familiar to you.

I suppose it’s a part of our human condition to tolerate unhappiness in our lives, rather than endeavouring to do something about it. The odds often seem stacked against us, and the risks appear too great.

The truth is, we’re secretly comforted by our pain because it’s so familiar to us, and yet at the same time, it lulls us into utter complacency and mental decay.

We become frozen by the fear of the unknown of what change might bring to us. And so, we would rather remain in a misery we already know rather than sinking ourselves into an unknown situation that might even be worse.

And so, we stay stuck and stubborn in our miserable ways as we wrap a blanket of loathing around us which then permeates our every perception and experience.

But if you’ve already read this far however, then you’ve already proven to yourself that you not only desire drastic change in your life, but that you deserve it as well. Unless you take decisive action—now—your health, happiness and wellbeing will only continue to crumble.

“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.”
—Alexis Carrel

Do you realize that whatever you do today will determine your tomorrow? So, what will you create for yourself? Do you truly want to remain in the misery that’s already gone on far too long?

You owe it to your true self to recognize the happy and content being who still dwells deep within your core, but who is temporarily shrouded by your layers of pain. Whatever it may be that you’re merely tolerating out of comfort of fear—it’s time to stop.

Your future—your NOW—is in your hands only. Your wellbeing relies only upon you.

Put down those harmful habits, whatever they may be, say good-bye to them for good. You don’t realize what they’re doing to your mind, to your perceptions, to your mood, to your health, to your relationships, and even to your bank account too.

Get out of that hurtful relationship. If you’re so unhappy, then why perpetuate and prolong the emotional pain?

Quit that dead-end job that's stealing your soul and robbing you of your dreams. No amount of money is worth languishing in despair and regret. Move on, you’ll find something new. Don’t deny yourself of your heartfelt passions—you owe it yourself to pursue your every potential.

Minimize your lavish lifestyle. With fewer possessions to maintain, your mind will be more at ease and you’ll find your finances to be far less strained.

Focus on your health and quality of mind. Every experience begins and ends within YOU, so place your entire focus onto the quality of your inner world, not your outer. The pleasures of the world are impermanent, but the wellbeing inside of you is not. The quality of your inner world follows you wherever you go, regardless of time, situations, people, things or places.

Don’t dread another day.

No more grumbling. No more blaming. No more procrastinating. No more fearing the unknown, because the truth is, no matter how safe or secure you might trick yourself into feeling, every single moment is unknown.

Step outside the drama of all those endless stories of victimization that you self-indentify with. You are not your story.

Stop the cycle of madness that you've willingly involved yourself in—there’s no time like Now.