The discontentment of the grasping mind

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Discontentment is caused only by the grasping mind.

The solution is quite simple—no longer cling onto that which cannot be clung to, which is any and all manifestations of mind.

Reality is obscured only by your thoughts of it. When the thinking mind settles, happiness spontaneously appears through eyes of clear-seeing.

When you attach your sense of ‘I’ or ‘me’ onto any thought or sense perception that is perceived, you make things personal by inserting your sense of self into where it doesn’t belong. You cause yourself to needlessly suffer from an imagining that doesn’t even exist.

You disrupt your inner-most, natural harmony. You obscure your own self-realization.

It must be understood that all concepts are empty of any reality. They have no truth outside of the thought that thinks them. Sure, concepts serve a purpose here and there, to do this and that, and to keep the illusions of the material world turning… but you need not be emotionally invested in them.

Rise above all apparent appearances. See through all egoic perceptions for the delusions they are.

Abide only in the here and now, resting easy in the purity of your aware present-moment presence, undistracted by any ripples that occur on the surface of mind.

Relax your grip on personal beliefs and opinions, they only divide you from realizing the blissful truth that is altogether unbound by any such conceptual knowledge.

Always perceive with a quiet mind, allowing what Is to simply Be, and the joy of your unfettered beingness will become clear.

No longer be fixed on your wants and desires. No longer be defined by what you believe you lack or what you need to somehow achieve. Realize that no thing can cause you to be happy, and that no opinion will ever give you peace.

Only by abiding in your presence of awareness will your true Joy of Being be revealed.

Once the mind is no longer consumed by struggling to grasp at its own elusive self-identity, its natural happiness will become self-realized, allowing it to effortlessly bubble into ever-present awareness.

You are not a concept, nor is anything you experience—you are the consciousness that perceives them. Empty of any label or definition. Pristine.