The Spontaneity of Awareness is Your Presence of Being

Words & design by Brian Thompson.

Surrender every idea about how you believe something should or shouldn't be—including your own sense of a personal self.

Nothing is as it seems, since all perceived things are merely a matter of mind. Whatever you see is the mind’s reflection, until you awaken and become aware of its illusory, false projections.

Relax into the effortless totality of what already is, being empty of any criticism. Be mindful of the mind, knowing that you play no part in its imagined melodrama. You are its witness, detached and free of its illusions.

Disregard any opinion as soon as it appears.

No longer fear the unknown; abide in the realization that everything is unknown, except your present sense of knowing. See every moment as the dream it is, a forever-unfolding mystery, one that forever reveals itself within your invisible presence.

You are the spontaneity of awareness, being, as are all seeming things.

Each moment is gone as soon as it appears. There is nothing to be grasped for there is nothing to be lost. There is nothing to be gained, other than the knowing of each moment as it is, fully and completely.

Let this moment, here and now, be empty of interpretation. You are not subject to the mind's will, for it is subject to you.

With each breath, consciousness manifests as your presence of knowing. This is your beingness. You are the empty and invisible presence in which all experiences appear, but you, the knowingness that knows, remains forever free and unbound.

You are bound only by those illusions you choose to believe.

Every moment contains only one choice, and that is where to place the focus of your attention. There is nothing to be controlled, other than where you allow consciousness to coalesce. You are its undisturbed presence; an aware emptiness, free to be.

So no longer dwell on fabrications of mind. The ego’s emotionally conceived illusions are not to be believed. They are just another part of the dream that appears to you. No longer be pulled into the false drama of the personal dream, no matter how real it seems. No longer react to any such creations of imagination.

Ease awareness into its own knowing, and be the source and substance of all that truly Is.

You—the invisible presence of the selfless self.

You—the alert and alive knowingness of all that is, the silent background behind every experience, at peace within itself, as itself, content in its infinite knowingness. Awakened from the dream.