Everything is only a perception

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

What’s the truth?

What’s true for me, isn’t true for you. You have your version, I have mine.

We often get in disagreements or fights because we think someone is telling a lie, exaggerating, or fabricating the truth. But what we don’t realize is that most of the time the other person isn't telling a lie at all, they’re speaking the truth — their truth. They’re speaking the truth, as they see it from their perspective.

The truth is, we don’t like it when other people’s truths don’t match our own.

This is why we get so stressed and defensive, because we think we’re always right and everyone else is wrong.

What we fail to realize is that everything is only a perception however, including every single truth we hold to be true. Every perception you have, thereby every experience you have, exists only within your conscious awareness.

This is the dream of life.

Everything exists only within the mind; including every concept, feeling, sense perception, thought or idea. Even vision, hearing, taste and touch are perceptions that exist only within our conscious awareness. After all, how can you be aware of anything outside of your awareness?

The thing about perceptions is that they have infinite points of view — this means that none of them, and all of them, are true!

What’s true for you is true, but only for as long as you believe it to be. Then it disappears This is why dreams in our sleep state feel so real when we first wake up, because they too are a perception experienced in our awareness, no different than any experience we feel while we’re awake. We’re equally aware of both. So, which is the real dream now?

When we peel away the outer layers of human experience, only awareness remains. Nothing else can be more real beyond that. Even these words are a perception, landing only for a moment within your consciousness, soon to disappear and be replaced by something else.

In knowing this, we realize how silly clinging to any of our perceptions is, because everything is a dream. Everything is open to infinite interpretation. Everything is created by each individual mind — including all of our pains, troubles and emotional suffering.

This realization drains the stress and rigidity away from our opinions. Our over-active mind is relieved when it no longer feels a need to defend itself so intensely, because after all, your sense of self — that individual whom your ego wants to so valiantly protect — is only a perception. You are not who you think you are.

The truth is, only awareness remains.