Easing into the Bliss of Not-Knowing through the Practice of Self-Inquiry

words & design by Brian Thompson.

“Being at ease with not knowing is crucial for answers to come to you.”
—Eckhart Tolle

It is only the ego who wants to know the answers to everything, who wants to assert its opinion onto all that it sees, and who wants to always be right.

When the ego is dissolved however, the true Self is revealed to have no concerns or preferences whatsoever; it is peaceful and content in its own presence, blissfully abiding in its own choiceless awareness in which every perception becomes known.

This is where the practice of self-inquiry comes in—to dissolve the ego, the false self, so that one can effortlessly abide in the natural state of not-knowing.

Whenever you find yourself assuming to have all of the answers, or asserting your presumptive opinions into a conversation, or struggling with needing to know why something is this way or that, just relax into the self-awareness of these very thoughts and feelings, and ask yourself:

Who is it who needs to know this?

Who is it who believes it has the answer?

To whom does this need to know appear? Does it appear to me?

Who is the “me" who needs an answer in order to be content?

Who is this “I" who defines itself by whatever answers it claims to know?

Who is this “I" who feels anxious about the things it doesn't yet know?

Can this “I" truly know anything at all?

Who is this “I"? From where did it arise?

What is this “I" that I attach onto everything “I" see?

Is it me? Who is this “me" anyways?

Am I really this “I” that is projected onto and through all of my thoughts?

Or is my true I the perceiver of these I-thoughts?

Is “I” merely a thought?

Who am I?

Don’t answer these questions—ponder them quietly. Allow them to settle—they're meant to calm the dualistic mind. This is the practice of self-inquiry, used to centre you into a place of inward-pointing silence, turning your mind back onto itself, pointing you towards the awareness of your own awareness, which is the true Self itself... where no ego remains—only an empty presence of pure and unbound consciousness, free of any attachments or emotional self-involvement.

Ease into the bliss of not-knowing. There's nothing you need to know.

Any answer that is truly needed will come to you spontaneously, as you need it. This is the way your life has always been, but egoic thought has obscured this realization from you. Just leave everything alone.

Some of the wisest words a person can speak are, “I’m not sure," “Perhaps,” and,“I don’t know”. There is an incomparable peace, freedom and joy in this empty presence of not-knowingness.

Remain there. Relax there. BE there.

Realize that any answers you presume to know are echoes from the ego—they’re not to be trusted or believed.

They are tainted by your fears and desires—they are distortions of mind, projections from the false self who believes it needs to somehow bolster its imagined self-image so that it appears to be more intelligent, more charismatic, or otherwise “above” someone else.

Your answers—even the ones which you claim to be formed from scientific fact—are illusions of the relative and dualistic world; one which is not absolute, one that is conceptual only.

Reality has no words. It needs no answers. It is empty of any definition. It is already absolute perfection—nothing can divide it from itself. It is one without a second, it is non-dual.

And, so is the true Self—it is Absolute Reality—consciousness itself. It is the only truth there is—it is wordless. It speaks only through silence, and is known only through unconditional love. You are That.

Relax into your don’t-know mind. Be free of knowing. Be empty. Only in emptiness, can the truth appear.