what do you create with the energy you bring? create the life you want — change the energy of your mind.

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

what do you create for yourself with the energy you carry around everyday? are you creating a life you love, or a life you want to escape?

when you walk into a coffee shop, when you’re behind the wheel of your car, when you walk into your place of work, or when you sit at the dinner table at home — what’s the energy you usually bring?

we all have a base-level setting of energy that's all our own, some might mistakenly call it a personality, while some simply call it a person's vibe. what it actually is however, is their energy.

what’s yours?

is it lighthearted, happy, and enthused? or is it grumpy, overly serious and stressed?

is it thoughtful, compassionate and generous? or is it selfish, narcissistic and stingy?

when a person’s same energy is consistently repeated over time it becomes a person’s attitude — the very same one you often label yourself with, and which others do too.

the first law of thermodynamics says that; energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.

when given the right environment, all energy will change — including the energy of your self. you are not separate from the laws of the universe — you are one with it — your self must still abide by its laws.

what's the environment you’ve created within your inner self?

have you created a place that allows your thoughts, attitudes and energy to change? are you open and receptive to new ideas? or have you built an iron wall around your dark negativity, with no hope of letting any light in?

if you’re unhappy with the day-to-day status of your feelings and emotions, know that your standard operating settings can be changed — you can reset and reboot.

the day-to-day energy and mindset you walk around with is a habit. it’s a repeated behaviour that’s simply become your routine. our patterns of thought are just that, they’re a pattern — repeated styles of thinking that are predictable. the routines we create for ourselves are easy because they take no thought, we just instinctually do them with no questions asked. however, all routines become harmful when they prevent you from stepping outside your place of comfort, and when they stop you from seeing transformative and enlightening new points of view.

the mind takes the path of least resistance when it deals with everyday life, so it will continue to tread down the same path of thinking as what you had yesterday, the day before that, the day before that, and on and on.

this is why it’s so hard to get out of a depression! or to stop being such a negative pessimist. your mind falls into the same depressed cracks you’ve worn into the caverns of your mind by repeatedly walking over the same familiar path, over and over again.

this is not your fault, it’s a natural process — but it can be changed. if it weren’t for this adaptive nature of our minds, no one would ever be able to learn a new skill.

create the life you want — change the energy of your mind.

step onto new pathways of thought which you’ve never-before tread.

begin by looking for the beauty within all things — instead of only expecting to see ugliness.

look for love — instead of only seeing hate.

look for hope — instead of only seeing misery.

look for gratitude — instead of only seeing selfish greed.

look for opportunity — instead of only seeing unwavering absolutes.

look for compassion and tolerance — instead of only seeing cruelty and indifference.

whatever you look for you will find.

the universe is in perfect balance with itself. if you only see one side of things, then you are not seeing the true nature of reality — your mind is closed to half of all existence.

if you pursue this mindful approach it will shake the very foundation of who you think you are, and you will soon realize that you are not what you think — instead, what you think, you will become.

17th century French philosopher, René Descartes, had it all wrong when he said, “I think, therefore I am” — the inverse is actually the truer statement — “I am, therefore I think”. you are not you because of your thoughts. you are simply, you — your thoughts are only a by-product of you.

your suffering and “bad attitude” are not who you are, they are only a side-effect of your habitual and compulsive negative thinking.

change your habits of thinking and you’ll change the very nature and energy of your life.

create a new habit of looking for the inherent beauty that exists within everything.