Observing the full spectrum of emotions

Words and design by Brian Thompson.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Let whatever feelings come, come.

Observe the full spectrum of emotions that arise within you and realize that none of them are you, for you are their ever-present witness.

Emotions come and go; but you, the consciousness in which they appear, forever remain.

You are separate from your emotions. No longer concern yourself with the story behind their drama. No longer criticize how you feel—the emotions are obviously happening, in this moment, so simply allow them to be.

Feel the feeling, give it some space. Afford it some silence and allow it be as it already is, without any resistance.

Remain quiet, within. No longer negotiate with the mind and its conceptual analysis, it will only sink you further into false despair.

Accept every emotion, as it is. Feel them within your body. Observe them and understand their underlying empty nature.

When you surrender to whatever emotion appears, its impermanence reveals itself. Negative feelings only linger because they haven’t been given an open spaciousness to be fully expressed within.

Realize yourself to be the empty presence of awareness in which all emotions appear, knowing that you are not any of them. No longer confine your emotions within the conceptual walls of the grasping mind that's looking for answers, that's looking for reasons, that's looking for why, why, why.

In your conscious presence, notice that all things appear and all things dissolve—including all streams of thought and all feelings—but you, awareness, remain, forever free of them.

Identify with the ever-flowing stream of consciousness, ignoring any of the muck and mire that happens to pass through.

Allow all things to pass, and all will be well.